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    JR Breaks Ankle

    Agreed. There is no excuse for letting play go on when someone is injured. I don't care whether or not a good scoring opportunity was about to occur, you stop everything because you don't know the severity of the injury. Gomez could have had his eye taken out with the stick, and yet they let play continue - there is no excuse for that.
  2. Every minute of ever game starts to count now with the position we are in. We need the points, we need the win, we need a solid 60 minutes of play from 18 players and a goalie. Do you believe in miracles?
  3. Is that a yes? I've never beena keeper of anything before....
  4. Does that mean Toronto had a 3 minute power play after all the dust settled? That's an odd number to have.
  5. Hey, can I be the keeper of the jumbotron?
  6. Maybe he'll pull some strings and we'll see some refs let go?
  7. Although your post didn't make it in any way anonymous - if that's what you were going for!
  8. The refs claim they don't see it, and I think it has something to do with their position on the ice. For example, the ref will always stay in the corner during play so that in the event of a goal they can see the puck go over the line from a good angle. However, such a position blocks a lot from view from these plays. Case in point: Gomez. The ref was not far away but from his position he couldn't see the stick get up in the face. But from different angles it was obvious what occured. My own personal opinion - let the linesman make calls under cases where the one ref missed it and they obviously saw it. In fact I believe it was a lindesan who went to Gomez after he got trampled by the Thrasher celebrating off of the bench.
  9. That's an awesome idea... I heard of one year at my old high school where the bio class used to disect cats. The would come frozen, of course, but their front paws and back legs stretched out in front of and behind them, sort of like superman when flying. Well someone got one of those little remote controlled gas powered airplanes straped it to the belly of the cat, attached a cape around its neck, and flew it down the halls of the school. I don't think the faculty liked Super Cat very much, though.
  10. I noticed the home page is gone - is this a permanent thing or just temporary? Is the Front Page News Articles forum going with it as well?
  11. At the Red Line: Honor The New Jersey Devils Raise #3 to the Rafters By Kyle Bisignani http://njdevils.info/news/article?type=cln&id=9 The New Jersey Devils honored another great to the organization on Friday night by raising number 3 to the rafters. That number has been worn by a player by the name Ken Daneyko, and wore it so long only one other Devil has had it stitched to his jersey in the history of the team. Ken Daneyko was signed with the team and played his first season in 1983. He
  12. Two Words: Shrink Wrap Ah the pricipal got a good laugh out of that one when he went to the parking lot!
  13. What a wonderful game to go to. Very well done ceremony, I took some pics and will post them soon. I'll also take a poll for who's interested in the DVD - as of right now, it looks like I will make a few In any event, I don't know what he's like statistic wise, but I paid closer attention to Klee - and I know some hate him, others don't really have a preference, but god I don't know what he's good for. I love Gomer - he's awesome. I am also very glad Marty wasn't in net tonight. He needs rest and needs to learn not to flop around on the ice when things don't go right. And, for the record, the Devils are 5-0-0 when I have been at the game. So who wants to buy me tickets for the playoffs?
  14. Well that's why i said what i said. You can move Madden to whatever line around you want - but that doesn't change the fact he can't hit the broad side of a barn. And I don't mean to pick on just him. The whole team just sucks right now - and I'm starting to think a lack of confidence isn't the only reason right now. They have just lost all skill. Also, for those of you keeping score at home, Madden had 2 missed shots - Gionta had three; and Madden had 7 shots on net. Giveaways were awarded to Brodeur, Klee, and Gomez.
  15. 238 Woo hoo! I'll have my Brodeur jersey on only because it's the only one I own!
  16. Wow Jester, congratulations! I can't wait to actually buy this and read it - although 328 pages man? Jeze, that's a lot to read. I hope there are pictures ;-) But seriously, congratulations and good luck with the sales! Maybe I'll see you on the Daily Show plugging it one day?
  17. Agreed PK. I was looking in all the papers and articles and surprised to see very little mentioned about some bad calls. SportsCenter metnioned that there was an odd man rush to the net that scored the OT goal, and then said "And what caused this odd-man rush?" They showed a quick clipc of Gomer getting clipped in the face and fall to the ice, and then proceeded to go to the Tampa Bay game report. Nothing about why no call was made who was standing 50 FEET AWAY!
  18. njdevils_info


    By Kyle Bisignani http://njdevils.info/news/article?type=cln&id=8 The Devils had a 4-1 lead during the third period and blew it. There is no denying that. They had an easy win in their pocket and managed to let up 4 goals and almost lost the game completely. But thanks to a goal by Brian Gionta, the Devils managed to tie the game back up and bring the horrible breakdown of the Devils team in to Overtime. Now I understand that officiating is a hard job. But when you are less than 50 feet from a guy who gets hit in the face with a stick and collapses on the ice, and you don
  19. I haven't been there since the ceremony... They have his number up twice??
  20. videa? you mean the DVD's I offered to the fine members here at njdevs? They aren't really for sale, just if you want one PM me and it'll cost you the cost of the DVD's and the shipping: $1 for the Ceremony DVD with interviews and such $1 for the game that followed and shipping is: $1.35 or less. As for the Ken Daneyko DVD, I'll take the poll after the game and see what I'm going to do. And I'm sure I'll make a little tribute for Kenny as well, just a matter of when I get the time.
  21. You should be able to download it if you want - right click it and go to Save Target As... From there you can pretty much do what you want with it. Put it on another site, MySpace, Burn to CD, whatever! and thank you again
  22. Shows you how observant I am. I thought that was the Newark arena!
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