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  1. I believe that's the entire team right about now! GO DEVILS!!!!!!11111
  2. I don't think I ever had the highway freeze, but there were certainly times when that music would get a minute or two in and you knew connecting was going to be impossible today! And don't forget the catchy music: WebTV Connecting EDIT: Fixed the link Good ol' MIDI goodness!
  3. Yeah, I agree DM. If you ever read the fine print, every broadcast "cannot be reproduced for an reason" yadda yadda yadda. And from what I could conjure up on the NHL web site, it doesn't matter whether or not it is for proffit or not. What I'll probably do is just take a quick poll here as to how many people are interested and based on that I'll decide what to do. We'll see guys and gals. But chances are if you really want it, some how some way you'll get your hands on a copy
  4. I didn't do much on WebTV also - chatted, worked on my web site... Come to think of it, that's all I do now!
  5. Actually the state said the arena will be at the center of Xanadu for concerts and sporting events. Too bad no sports teams will play there and bands would rather play at the newer Prudential Arena in Newark!
  6. I wish. The message said this: "Good afternoon, this is Jason from the New Jersey Devils. We have a few questions we'd like to ask of you, so when you get a moment, if you could give us a call back at blah blah blah we'd appreciate it." Now granted they didn't say "This is Jason from the law firm that represents the New Jersey Devils," or "If you don't get back to us, expect a lawsuit in the mail tomorrow," but since I've never been called by them before, it kinda scared me! I'm only 21 and I don't want to go to jail!
  7. I'll be honest, I think its sad whenever an arena is torn down - especially for a shopping mall!!! I'll even be sad to see the Penguin-Dome torn down once they get their new digs, wherever it may be. Good ol' retractable roof on an arena - certainly unique!
  8. Axctually, don't they already have a new arena? Or did I just see the plans for it?
  9. Yes, but I got a message on my voicemail about a week after I shipped them out. The message mentioned nothing about sales - and scared the crap out of me! I think Lou did it on purpose!
  10. I might not - I got a bit of a scare the other day when I got a call from someone at the devils front office who wanted to speak to me. Turns out they wanted me to purchase season tickets from next year, but I don't know. I may turn it in to a contest and just give away a handful, but we'll see. I'll let you know after the game. Will #3 hang next to or across from #4?
  11. Lets just face it guys: the whole team is simply inconsistent. You can't point fingers at a line or two and suggest swapping players when none of them can get their acts together. It worked in January, now its not. This is the plague of mediocrity, and we've caught it bad this season. Right now the EGG line is the only hope we have of making it in to the playoffs, and one line does not a team make. What we need to do is simply press the little reset button on the front of the Nintendo and start this whole season over. And for cryin' out loud Lou stop drinking the Kool-Aid while coaching!
  12. Well given that it was bout 8 years ago, I don't remember if I ever chatted with her specifically - although my handle was newjerseydevils@webtv.net Yeah, apparently I was the first devils fan there, and got a really original address!
  13. when's it start? Since I got TiVo I never see commercials anymore and I never know when things are anymore!
  14. I don't think WebTV was ever cool - but I frequented the newsgroups they had, especially the Devils one, on a regular basis! Too bad it was only accessable on WebTV - and I don't think they even exist anymore.
  15. I knew you would comment on that! I was just trying to be helpful I'm going to have to get as new domain name like http://www.notmysite.com and just use that to mask the addresses.
  16. nope P.S. That's supposed to be a ninja?!? I always thought it was trying to hide... hence my usage here!
  17. Well first off, it was WebTV like, not actually WebTV. That was mistake 1. Mistake 2 was buying WebTV after we returned it. Keep in mind, this was 1997. I was 13 and didn't have much say in the matter. My parents knew I wanted a computer to go on the internet, and they thought this was perfect because it was the internet without an expensive computer! We had it for maybe a year and a half before we got an actual computer - which ran slower than WebTV I think...
  18. I am interested to see how they write him out. One thing you should never do is piss of the creators of South Park, because you'll be in the next episode garanteed. And seriously, they did nothing different with Scientology than they did with everything else! And I Dogma - by far a movie everyone needs to see, no matter what religion you are.
  19. Because then techno and techie junkies would have nothing left to listen to but the background noises of World of Warcraft. I'm just kidding, for the millions of you that actually play the game!
  20. I remember some time ago we had a WebTV like box made by RCA to surf the internet (1997ish). Well apparently there were no local numbers to dial in to, so it was calling San Francisco everytime we connected. We didn't know this until we got a $400 phone bill later that month. AT&T wiped the charges clear after RCA said "Sucks to be you." The company that controlled the service went under shortly there-after.
  21. I have to be drinking the Kool Aid. If Lou gives him a fair contract, he'll be back. I know loyalty only goes so far, but when Lou offered Elias a contract even though it was known he wouldn't be back for the start of the season, Elias appreciated it a lot, and I think will show some loyalty to the Devils. Bottoms up!
  22. Check out here: http://njdevils.info/media/game?year=2002#PO4
  23. big shocker on Cablevision They just love to make lives difficult, don't they? Do they think everyone's out to cheat them out of a few bucks?
  24. I would bank on the latter, Rowdy. They would allow it but first you would need to untangle yourself from all the red tape they'd throw you in. Kinda sucks in my book. If the town decides they want sidewalks, they should maintain them. After all, its just one more thing to worry about and its not even on your property! Does the town expect you to clear the part of the street in front of your house? Of course not! That's nuts! *stepps off soap box* I'm good now
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