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  1. Well I still want to hold out a little on Klee... kinda sucks for him right now but so did Brodeur and almost the entire team in the previous few games. Elias needs confidence right now - and he isn't getting any. I mean he came back under the assumption everyone had that he would be wearing a C. Right now I think Lou hesitated giving him an A. He'll be on the top of his game soon, and the EGG line will be running on all 3 cylinders. But this win certainly helped the team's - as a whole - confidence. all in all, they played a solid game, and I am greatful for that. We got two points out of a game that was really important as the Devils strive to be a competitive team for the playoffs. From the previous performances, we'd be lucky to get in. Now all we need is a win against a solid team - smomething I don't think the Atlantic Division has right now!
  2. that's weird because where I live sidewalks are town property, not personal property. So if someone trips on the sidewalk I assume the town put there and broke their ankel, could they technically sue you? I just say this because under the sidewalk I don't think should be your responsibility... Sorry, I know this probably won't help, but something if you had money to burn or something to take them to court. Maybe Judge Judy?
  3. Well I think the ceremony for Mess was a little drawn out in typical New York style, but the fact remains that the opponents are their to salute a legend - and to make sure he's not comming back!
  4. Lets hope they can turn things around tonight and we can all celebrate with a little LETS GO DEVILS!
  5. I'd like to see more hits and figts as well, but I can't argue and say that the sport isn't doing well after a lockout for an entire season. One of the best things I see among other teams is a more fan-oriented approach to the games. Like the Ranger$ salute the fans after every won game at home. The three stars of several teams come out and will throw a puck to the fans. I think its little gestures like that (that are not thanks to Bettman) that also improve PR and bring people to the game. As for the almost elimination of fighting (I do believe it has dropped from last season) is it possible - just to play devil's advocate for a moment - that the sport is trying to be more family oriented and so more parents are bringing their kids to the game? Personally I don't believe that, but is it possible?
  6. Thank you for the explinations sammy and rowdy. I guess the water I have at my house doesn't "suck" as much so it doesn't make as much of a difference.
  7. Lets get this done in one shot I was just kidding about the site. and the DVDs are not for sale. I just offered them to you guys here (and another board *cough*DS*cough*). If I actually *sold* them on my site, I have a feeling I'd be getting a call from the lawers that represent the New Jersey Devils, FSN NY, NHL, NHL PA, or all of the above. I guess you could say it was a limit offer? But if people here still want it, just PM me. Right click on the audio portion of the video clip you added and go to mute. If you want to add a sound track under that, drag the audio file to the Audio/Music line *when you are in the timeline view only* The timeline view is different then the storyboard view. Thank you! I heard the song on the commercials, yes, and thought that would make a nice background track. I don't think it's an actual song. The Jordan commercial web site (http://www.jumpman23.com) lists it as "Let Your Game Speak" but doing a search for this song leads to nowhere. So I just recorded it off of the web site with a little audio recorder and whala - background music for the tribute video. Anyone else have a question?
  8. To be honest I was surprised last night. This was the first game I watched in a while where I thought "Holy crap, they have no chance what-so-ever, and its against the Isles!" Of course I didn't see the Penguins game, but it looks like that wasmore of the same. Do you believe in self distruction? Yes! It's certainly a team effort, and last night was certainly a team loss - not's Marty's entire fauly. He was only 1/18th of it.
  9. I suppose you're right, the cheese factor is intentional in this case. From the music on its all cheese. I guess in a way that was what I was going for. As for your digression, I'll forgive you this time PK. Is my site that bad?
  10. I make all of my videos using plain old Windows Movie Maker, and the text is just one of the text styles they offer. I overlayed the 4 EVER on top of it. The Pan effects are all I have for WMM, so there wasn't too much I could dom and the the first few pictures have "jumpy" pans on purpose... heh, I thought it looked cool. And in case you've never seen WMM, they have many more transitions. I didn't want to repeat them but maybe I should pick two or three and just use those? (Oh and thanks for the feedback Don! I appreciate it )
  11. That's a pretty green lawn you have their sammy ;-) I can't tell you what the price of a new water softener is - all I have is another question. You see I used to have a water softener at my house, but we first bypassed it for a number of years, and when we got our furnace replaced, they took it completely out. So I was curious whats the benefit of having one? I just figured it was the appendix of a household plumbing installation: its nice to have but it can function just fine without one.
  12. Hey guys, In my everlasting endeavor of perfecting the art of procrastination, I have made a little (1:20) tribute to Scott Stevens. Now I should really be getting to my programming labs! Tell me what you guys think! High Quality (18.9 mb) http://njdevils.info/downloads/download?id=17&size=3 Medium Quality (15.4 mb) http://njdevils.info/downloads/download?id=17&size=2 Low Quality (6.92 mb) http://njdevils.info/downloads/download?id=17&size=1 Enjoy!
  13. hey, I got your scores right here. Cheap to... no cost for you guys. It's like they fell of a truck. Yeah. Seriously, though. I have a database that gets auto-updated with all that stuff. Let me know if you want access to it. Either an RSS XML feed or whatever you want, just let me know!
  14. Lou? Marketing? Seriously, I just fell off my chair!
  15. can you finish the lyrics to that song Crasher?
  16. ah, thanks for the clarification. 10 years older than me... hopefully I'll be out of college by then!
  17. Okay, thank you for confirming that sammy and the advice UnderDog. And although I have been give then reputation of "illegal downloader boy" i would like to state for the record that I have many box sets of shows, movies, and video games. I buy most stuff like that and actually don't want to download them. As for software... well, lets just say I know my way around product activations and cd keys
  18. That is just horrible. My prayers are with her and her family. I do hope this passes soon... When the block passes, will old memories come back? Or will new memories just stay? Or could it go either way?
  19. Is this for Cabelvi$ion customers?
  20. So last night I watched what was apparently the first episode of lost, and saw the survivors being chased down by what looked like mutant polar bears. I'll admit, it looked kind of interesting. Especially with the whole radio transmission that looped from 16 years ago. Okay, so I want to watch the show now, but I'm a few episodes behind. Should I wait for the DVD's and just watch it then? Or is this something I can pick up in the middle of the second season and not be lost? Sorry, couldn't resist the horrible pun. Suggestions?
  21. Happy B-Day 7. And sammy... I thought you were 30...
  22. They don't always leave notes. Aside from walking routes, a mail carrier is never required to step out of his/her truck for any reason. And I am sure the same rule applies to UPS/FedEx/DHL. If they leave something on your doorstep, and you trip over it, they are responsible. My thoughts: If you trip on a box that is on your front porch - get glasses.
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