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  1. ahhh omg, i am so so so excited!!! my sister and i were counting down the last minute like it was new year's eve i feel so lucky to have been watching since his rookie season!!! i remember my very first devils game when i was about 10, and our seats were really good, right near brodeur's net for 2 periods and right up against the glass, he has been my favorite ever since!! luvvvvv me some marty!!!!!!!!!!
  2. don't they all have those "girlfriend" sites though???
  3. is back and trying to figure out all this new stuff on here =]

  4. OMG clarkieee clarkie how i love you <3 and i wouldn't mind going a few rounds with parise either, but i think my sister would kill me - that's her boo right there hahahahahahaha, hey i'll take his brother jordan =] and ladies, i CAN'T be the only brodeur groupie here, am i? well, if so, that's cool - more for me hahaha. i fell in love with him when i was 10 and have been ever since...le sigh le sigh. and i agree with pepperkorn about weeksy...yummmy =]
  5. the floor turns into a trampoline?!?!? does that only happen during concerts cuz i used to go to that club all the time and i never saw that!!! that is effin awesome!!!!!!!!
  6. I am SO down! I have always wanted to jello wrestle hehe! and whoever posted that "cooking with geno" thank youuuu! I have the biggest crush on geno malkin <33 haha
  7. jello wrestling?? I am SO down haha I seriously always wanted to jello wrestle!! and I forgot who posted that "cooking with geno" but thank youuuu ... I have the biggest crush on geno malkin haha <33
  8. hahaha it would be so worth it
  9. what a DOUCHEBUCKET!! i hate his music anyway. you are wayyy better than me, i would have smashed the food in his face
  10. you marty bashers are out of your birds...the man had to come back after a major injury and while it certainly wasnt his best performance, you cant blame the playoffs entirely on him. it was a collective sucky effort. he will be back better than ever next year!!! sooo anyone know where he lives so i can go jump out of a cake for him?? hehehe jkjkjk
  11. ughhh i have noooo patience for that ... im like the only woman alive who hates the salon. it's a necessary evil though...and yes nuvo lots and lots of nuvo!!!!!
  12. awwwwwww yayyyyyy!!! i say this calls for celebratory patron!!!!!! and brodeurfanatic -- i HAVE THAT RUBBER DUCK ON YOUR ICOn PIC!!! i love the brodeurduck!!!!!
  13. L M F A O !!!!!!!!!!!!! omg i know this was days ago but i have been running around like crazy ...anyways...this literally just made me spit out my cranberry juice laughing!!!
  14. hehehe i love shennanigans too!!!
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