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  1. Agreed on Severson: He's proven after 6 years he's just not good (mostly mental mistakes) at playing defense at an NHL level. Why not try him on RW? He's big, can skate, has some offensive ability, good shot. Would he be any worse than Hayden?
  2. You can't coach size - the Devils defense is woefully small as a group. Also, their "big" guys Severson/Mueller are pretty soft. They are way too easy to play against. Look at St Louis D -5 guys 6' 2"-6' 6" and the others -Vince Dunn and Fowler are 6' but are great puck movers/shooters
  3. I don't think that's accurate. If Devs go 5-5-1 and Fla goes 7-4-2 both will have exact same points (93) W, L, and OTL and if the ROW is same -Florida won the season series 2-1 (tie breaker?) In that case Fla would have to go 6-5-3 or 7-5-1 to miss playoffs.
  4. Yup and Yup. That's what separates Hall from being a truly elite player. He'll make several questionable/unrealistic/confusing/etc plays per game.
  5. Thanks MD- Let's hope Cory can hang a donut on the Avs today....
  6. OK Thanks. Looks like Devs go to #5 after that (except for trades)
  7. Curious where the Devils pick in subsequent rounds. Are they #1 all the way thru? That would be huge. A chance to beat everyone else to some top talent. I know Vegas picks #6 in round 1 but then #3 in all other rounds. Anyone know?
  8. Mikey McLeod with the winner-I think his brother with assist. Their goalie looks pretty good too. Up 3 games to 0 with game 4 tonite. http://mississaugasteelheads.com
  9. I watched several of their games here: http://onhockey.tv Altho I don't see a link on that site as of yet today.
  10. Just stumbled across this when I turned on the TV SKA home opener they're up 3-0 Kovy just scored on the pp They are loaded-Voynov, Datsyuk, Kovy, etc.... Had no idea KHL started this early
  11. I was looking at the game sheet and saw Kory Nagy was one of the linesman-wasn't he a Devs prospect a few years ago?
  12. Why not dress 7 D and have one or two rotate on the 4th line. Harrold has done it before and Zids thinks he's a forward anyway. They are both skilled hockey players unlike Janssen. I'll be even Gelinas and Green are also capable. Harrold is the obvious choice-he can skate, make aand receive a pass and shoot- 4 things Janssen can't do
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