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  1. If Hanrahan's wife's a dyke, does that make him a f ag? My favorite movie, ever.
  2. Random Poster

    STH gift

    Kovalchuk urinal cakes is a good touch, but they culd have done better creative wise: -Volchenkov calendar that you can mark his games missed -dry erase board that's an image of the back of a Kovalchuk jersey, but where his number "17" was it's blank except for a "-" and (insert the number). -A blindfold so you don't have to watch Janssen, Sestito or Boulton on any given shift. -Parise activity book. Punch out NHL team uniforms and attach to his cardboard likeness, salary cap lists to calculate, coloring fun with $, connect the dots of his goals scored, wordfind of Stanley Cup contenders.... -lifesize Brodeur "shooting target" with no glove hand. Oh the amount of fun they missed!
  3. Here's a fun video to watch. This is pretty much the Flyers fanbase to a "T". Fat, drunk and knuckledragging. The guy with the orange Abercrombie shirt is the poster boy for Philadelphia.
  4. It's well known you carry a serious grudge toward Philadelphia and their fans by your experience there a few years ago. Can't say i blame you but, sorry, that you weren't part of the Devils fanbase starting from 1984 like i was because the Rangers have some of the worst human beings possible among their fanbase. I grew up with it more then the Devils fans of today. Just utter stupid, knuckle dragging, arrogant "NOO YAWKERS" who hide behind the team's "tradition" (LOL) and long history in the league. It doesn't end there. Add in the assclown Northern NJ people who for some reason (either by birth or choice) need to lean on NY for an ego boost or fulfillment of following a major market team who has won one Cup in 71 years. The worst Rangers fans are the middle aged and older crowd becuase they've been through watching the Devils win and the Rangers fail with the exception of one season in their life. I guess people had to be around in the early days of the Devils through the 90's to really understand that. If you need a bit of a refresher, head on to the next Devils/Rangers game at either building and don't sit in the expensive suit seats, either. How many physical altercations have we seen at either building that went un-recorded? Christ, i saw a carfull of Devils and Rangers fans in the 1994 Playoffs literally stop in the parking lot, empty and go at it. If cam phones existed in the 80's and early mid-90's you'd see how "civilized" Rangers fans are.... Both of these fanbases are human cesspools of filth. The only difference is the Rangers are far more "corporate" right now and their filth is more diluted and priced out but the DNA is there, trust me. It'll come out at the right time. It always does.
  5. Men vs boys. These two teams aren't even in the same league.
  6. Not when a pressure forecheck is coming at you which is what everyone and their brother knew they were going to do to the Devils down low. It was a bad read, he had more time. He passed the puck with his back turned to the play, too. You want to do that, you better make sure it isn't when a pressure forecheck is coming at you.
  7. They absolutely got owned on faceoffs. Men vs boys.
  8. Eh, sometimes bad luck follows bad teams and good luck follows opportunistic and prepared teams or something like that. I don't know anymore, i really can't figure this out. The Devils aren't a bad team in the sense of one, they just make too many mistakes and the cause/effect makes them look worse then they are. Tonight, one player put them in a hole with two mistakes. The Champions made them pay which is what good teams do.
  9. The goal was fluky, but the bad pass by Tallinder that led to it was not. I said it 100 times this year, goals like that and the bad luck, bounces, etc always have a cause/effect to them that goes back about 10 seconds or so. That's what pisses me off so much about these goals.
  10. Yes, you are an idiot. Anyone who freely admits they'd assault someone for any reason especially as a officer of the law (If you even are. Hell, it's a message board i could say i'm a Fortune 500 millionaire) is an idiot.
  11. You're welcome. Don't worry, i make enough it doesn't dent me. Pseudo-tough guy lol.
  12. Don't even bother with this clown. Read his various musings and thoughts in the politics section over the years. Then just think he's out there with his attitudes and views looking out for the public good on your tax money.
  13. As a father myself, i understand where you are coming from. However, the smart thing to do is drop the dumb ass macho cop act and realize you do no good to your kid(s) assulting a stranger over a word(s) spoken. What good are you when you assault someone and blow your generous tax payer pension and have your badge on someone's desk as a souvenir? But, i know what a hard-on you are anyway from the politics section. You probably would assault a person then flash your badge at them and then claim self-defense and get away with it.
  14. As someone who works in law enforcement (according to your posts on this board) you're an idiot then.
  15. Outside of the Devils, I watch hockey games of the NYR, the Islanders and the odd VS game here and there. I've watched the NYR enough to know that they look like they are for real and they are playing very well even though it's only half way. If you know anything about the sport, you can see why they have had good first half success. What makes me comment is based toward those who repeat over and over that the NYR are benefiting from schedule and whatever else from not actually watching them play. I'd say the same thing if it were the Islanders on a roll and people had no clue what they were talking about. Then again we also have Devils fans who have no idea what they're watching or talking about with the Devils, either. I wasn't interested in a behind-the scenes show on the Rangers (or Flyers). Because i watch their games and can look up stats/info on Google does not mean i have an interest in anything more with them then what goes on on the ice. If i did have more of an interest, i'd be watching "beginnings", "Ranger #X" or "behind the bench". I find it amusing that some fans who raved on about 24/7 are the same ones who will bash the flyers/rangers/philadelphia/new york or anything related to those teams, but accuse others of not being good fans, have Ranger envy or some other asinine accusation for not watching it. And yes, out of the lesser of two evils, i was rooting for the Flyers yesterday.
  16. So, posting about a team's draft history and knowledge of such anyone here can do with about 5 minutes worth of time is knowing more then anyone else? Go bark up someone else's tree, son.
  17. Actually, while this is true, some of the Rangers homegrown core on the roster this year was drafted in years when they were back to respectable play and a playoff team: Del Zotto 2008 (20th) Stephan 2008 (51st) Hagelin 2007 (168th) Anisimov 2006 (54th) Those have turned out to be some pretty good players for a team who drafted as a playoff club. That's not to mention the utter raping of Bob Gainey for McDonaugh and a great find in Girardi. Imagine where the Rangers would be if they took Giroux instead of Sanguinetti in 2006 and if Cherepanov didn't tragically die (provided he turned out to be a productive player)? Callahan, Dubinsky, Queen and Staal were all results of being a non-playoff club. They blew a draft spot with Jessiman, too. The Queen was pure draft luck. He was a 205th overall pick. That kind of draft gem comes once in a generation for a franchise at best.
  18. Old School Lou would have canned someone and changed personnel for sure. He would have done it halfway through the amount of SHG given up. The problem is what the Devils need, they can't trade for. Unless a project like Foster is considered a fix.
  19. It shouldn't. By now if you haven't learned about this team you never will. This game had the same recipe for a loss as those that came prior.
  20. LOL they steal defeat from the jaws of victory and this was about a deserved loss as you can get.
  21. FWIW...that's yet another SH goal that Elias had some kind of role in.
  22. I keep trying to tell you people its the rangers year. This team isn't falling off the map anytime soon.
  23. I'd love nothing more then the Rangers to be put in their places today.
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