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  1. Obviously, you've never played HS hockey lol. That happens every period, especially in public schools where the talent isn't as good or deep. It's called growing pains. Get used to it because he's going to make mistakes again. And he'll be better for it when you look back and he's an All Star type talent.
  2. LOL singing this kid's praises at the start, but he makes a total rookie mistake and now everyone wants to burn him at the stake. No, let's not forget he's 18 and now just turned 19 and yet people are forgetting he's going to do this and do it badly at times and it's a learning process. No doubt he's a future gem, though.
  3. This will be the worst 4th line in the league until they finally realize Janssen belongs in the Quebec league. This is not the first time the 4th line has been raped by the opponents 1st line, either.
  4. Urbom was not very good last night. To me, it looks like he's not used to the speed of the NHL yet. Not overly worried about that, but he can't be out there getting beat like he did by that type of player. At any rate, what difference does it make when the player whose uniform they are retiring could probably lace them up after the cermeony and still be the team's best D-man.
  5. Lou acquired this player as a project. He's familiar with Lemaire and Oates and for a couple of spare parts that weren't claimed on waivers....twice. But... There's always reasons a player has been on now his 5th team in the last 4 years. It's usually more then "he's playing behind such and such players on (insert team here)". Especially when that player is making 1.8 million. Let's just wait and see. I'm keeping my expectations low simply because, IMO, this is a patchwork project. Let's put it this way, this PP needs all the help it can get.
  6. The revolutionary concept of handing out sequentially numbered tickets/wristbands/flyers requires complex marketing/organizational skills, don't ya know?
  7. What i find even funnier is the promotion and defending of line cutting. People wonder why some of us feel the way we do towards the younger fans of this team when the shoe keeps fitting.
  8. And even more dissapointing considering there's no Retro Night this year.
  9. He was Chico x 3 as a Rangers TV personality.
  10. Well no one here expected this to be easy, right?
  11. The penalties just aren't stopping. They have to be leading the league or awfully damn close. Even though they are exceptional, this is playing with fire.
  12. Why, oh why can they not attack and skate like that 5-5? Unbelievable PK, it's saved the season. Parise is showing leadership by example tonight. That's a good sign because he's playing like he's proving something.
  13. Why can't they just do anything easy? Come on Taormina....
  14. I think Pierre is starting his holiday drinking a bit early.
  15. Meh, upset Pelley is gone because i liked him as a person. I don't think there's anyone who has ever met him that doesn't. It's just too bad it didn't work out here and he had his chances. He just didn't progress after came back up from that year in Lowell. But, gettting anything at all is a coup for both Pelley and Fraser so this trade can't be a loss. It's the type of trade you'd expect right now. Spare parts for projects.
  16. Random Poster

    Just STOP

    That's also a tool that can be used for spite. I can say i've been here long enough to be uneasy seeing certain members as moderators, carrying influence or knowing things that separate them from others. It can be used as a fear tool in the wrong hands because i've been threatened by it before. It's the truth and i should at least be honest in saying it. It's an uneasy feeling especially when talking about impartiality and fairness and moderating this site comes into play and wondering just who knows what and why and will they use that. If you're going to have that kind of personal insight on site politics and inside happenings, it's best to keep it to yourself. I think that we can all agree on.
  17. Random Poster

    Just STOP

    ..... with some more then others. What i don't like is when a well known reg mentions knowing who got banned today on top of having the discussion on who should mod. A member knowing inside info of that nature can scare one into some pretty questionable thoughts when trying to nominate or pick peers to help.
  18. Random Poster

    Just STOP

    How do you know who was banned? That's a personal opinion. What you consider getting a rise might be a valid argument or debate to others. For example, I agreed with Manta on more things, but it was his repitition that got out of hand not his opinion or insight.
  19. Random Poster

    Just STOP

    I stated the same thing, that i'd volunteer and that's what i was told. Honestly, no matter how good someone's intentions are no one that's a reg should do it. Keep self-moderation. Most of us that are familiar with the dynamics here have all been around too long, are/have been friends with too many people, seen too much and know too much to really be 100% impartial. It's impossible.
  20. Random Poster

    Just STOP

    I personally emailed and volunteered to mod the Marketplace since that was a clusterfvck at one point. People even nominated me to the site owners. What happened? I was told there was enough mods on the site and not a need for one in Marketplace, yet there was clearly issues there. It's difficult to nominate mods from an existing group of regulars. There's always a question of imparitiality due to friendships, grudges, side picking, peer pressure, etc. That's not to say that doesn't happen anyway, but you open up a can of worms nominating regulars.
  21. Random Poster

    Just STOP

    Waste of time, IMO. For the sake of starting a fire and re-hashing old problems ill keep that experience, the way it was handled by this site and it's members, who said what and who was behind it to myself. The great thing is, i know who was behind it. However, it's really puzzling how two member are still allowed to post here in relation to what i was "suspended" for.
  22. Random Poster

    Just STOP

    That's like me starting a thread saying "i am tired of the people talking about game worn jerseys as an insult and being spiteful and jealous" without naming names. However, anyone reading it knows exactly who i am talking about. As you should have, no need to explain I have a BIG problem with people doing the same things i was suspended, reprimanded and called out for.....yet are allowed to do the very same thing on a daily basis.
  23. Random Poster

    Just STOP

    Andrew, I would consider you a friend and i don't consider you an enemy. However, i STRONGLY disagree with how you've handled this. To start a thread like this is just asking for the flames to be fanned one more time and new issues/problems to arise. If you are going to start a thread like this and give undertones about settling offline differences and in person face to face, then don't you think it's a cop out to create a thread like this and not come out and talk directly at those you have a problem with? You want to propose confrontation but avoid it yourself? Being you're good friends with Colin, don't sweat it. Colin and i talked about a few things behind the scenes. Needless to say we don't agree on how we view things with this team/organization and probably shouldn't have let the fan emotions get the best. That happens on these boards after watching a bad team as much as we all do here. I consider it over and done not something to create a thread over and point fingers. Second, the Troll Bros. You're smart enough to know what these clowns are about, who they have their grudge towards and how they dislike this community openly. How they have avoided suspension is beyond me. Also, I do not believe in the ignore feature because everyone should have a voice to be seen and heard even trolls. If someone wants to take a personal shot at me, my family or anything else i should be able to see it and reply/react in kind and then handle it from there. You are right. There are too many people here that do not have the fortitude to handle personal issues off of the board. Speaking of that and suspension, devsman brought up a great point above. I was suspended from here at one time and so was devsman. Both unfairly when you consider the compatible actions of our "peers" on here. Devsman was suspended for the same thing i've seen done 100 times. It's even more puzzling when you consider adam and hurricane are doing the same exact things that i was suspended for doing (including carrying "grudges" and personal "insults"). Plus, here's the one that really annoys me, the first names. Remember, the big issue that was made out of the use of first names on my part? However, mine can be used freely deliberately (as i was accused of) by trolls like Adam, The same people who were screaming and kicking about first names are very silent, oddly enough. I guess it proves my point that it's not what you say, it's who you say it to and who protests about it.
  24. All i am asking is stop looking at stats all the damn time trying to justify what a team should not or should be doing. This goes for the other dataheads here. Just watch the games. I don't care what their shooting % is, their save %, they're % of anything. They are winning games, playing well and through 27 games look like they have a legit shot at doing something. There's enough reasons why they are where they are that picking apart shooting percentages really isn't something to hang a hat on.
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