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  1. Tedenby is playing against men in a professional league. Anyway, he's getting 3rd-4th line icetime and zero PP time. Swedish coaches are renound for not giving young players enough icetime, which is understandable really when you are playing against 30 year old fully grown men. I'm extremely excited about Tedenby, I think he has St. Louis potential. He's going to sell a lot of jerseys for Lou and the fans will love him. He has a great personality.
  2. Well, if what TG said in the comments section of his blog is correct, then it could be Madden. He said that apparently Sutter wants Rolston and Shanahan on the same line and that Rolston could be moved to centre ice. Take it with a pinch of salt...
  3. Dump Pandolfo + picks (1st and 3rd) and prospects for Kaberle. Elias - Zubrus - Gionta Parise - Zajac - Langenbrunner Rolston - Madden - Clarkson Rupp - Holik - Shanahan Salvador - Martin White - Kaberle Oduya - Mottau Brodeur I can dream right?
  4. Whites at home, we haven't won a cup since the change. But honestly, wearing red away from home is said to give the away team a psychological edge. The red is intimidating.
  5. britdevil

    Brookbank Fight

    Oduya asked that punk Gratton to go, but he just stood there. Rupp and Leach came over to push him around. That Gratton has always been a turd.
  6. He did look a bit lost in the offensive zone, but he had some solid hits and was excellent in the circle. 18 for 22 on the faceoff... Wow!
  7. A whole day at work without HF is nearly killing me....

  8. How long will HF be down? It fvcking blows...

  9. This isn't a democracy... It's a mesage board. With clear rules and regulations. You me and all the regular posters have to obey them, and calling out a mod/admin is a definite no-no. You must not have a lot of messageboard experience... You're in the forces, think of it as chain of command. They are above us and can whip us into shape whenever they think we need it.
  10. I was simply using your criticism of elitism against you, as you were putting yourself on a plateau above MS, because you work in the forces... No judging.
  11. It's the principle. It's a piece of tacky crap. It probably cost them a few dollars, straight out of China... Like someone else said, send a christmas card with some free beer/food coupons or something. Who cares about a crappy plaque?
  12. Your preaching to the wrong person here. Fact is, you don't have a clue what kind of person MS is. What gives you the right to judge him? By the way you keep talking about your job, you are the one who sounds elitist... $7,000 season tickets and you get a piece of glass. I wouldn't exactly be happy either...
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