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  1. Claude Giroux will sign an 8 year extension worth 66.4 Million 8.3 AAV per Dreger "@Real_ESPNLeBrun. Just ironing out a few wrinkles and it will be announced within a day or 2. Sources suggest closer to $8.3 per." https://twitter.com/DarrenDreger/with_replies Also apparently we are running third in the Briere sweeps per Eric Engles "No decision from Briere likely to come before tonight. #habs #devils #preds. Seems #habs and #preds are more likely destinations than NJ." https://twitter.com/EricEngels
  2. "Three years, $16.5 million total ($5.5 AAV) for Patrik Elias' new deal with Devils." https://twitter.com/TGfireandice
  3. Per TG and Chere "Patrik Elias has re-signed officially with the Devils." https://twitter.com/TGfireandice "Devils have signed Patrik Elias to multi-year deal. It will be announced today" https://twitter.com/Ledger_NJDevils Edit: Feel free to delete this post because there is another thread.
  4. Also I have on record from a good source that unless there's a substantial change in the situation David Clarkson is 100% gone. I know it's been speculated but source told me Lou has already moved on and is planning as if Clarkson will not be back. If you don't want to believe me so be it, I couldn't care less.
  5. Per Eric Engles on Twitter: "Three teams remaining on #briere are believed to be Nashville, New Jersey, Montreal" "It's believed #Briere will make his decision today" https://twitter.com/EricEngels
  6. According to the NHL Network TV Schedule, the TSN Free Agent Frenzy will be shown starting at 12 on NHLNET in the US http://www.nhl.com/ice/page.htm?id=58058
  7. I really don't get this move by the Flyers. It makes no sense. They need a goalie and defense and they have no cap space.
  8. Dreger says on TSN Drive Lecavalier will sign with the Flyers
  9. Per Pierre Lebrun Dallas GM confirms they're out on Vinny https://twitter.com/Real_ESPNLeBrun/status/352191111663583232
  10. "Hearing Lecavalier could decide which #NHL he'll sign with as early as tonite. Told #Canadiens were in the final running but are now out." https://twitter.com/RealKyper/status/352188441917796354 Per Kypreos
  11. Dreger said on TSN radio that Clarkson can get a 7 year contract worth 45.5 MIllion (6.5M per) if that's what he's after.
  12. Some good stuff from TG on Twitter Lamoriello on re-signing Clarkson: "David, I don’t know at this point. We’ll certainly talk and I’ll leave it at that.” Also, of idea of a team giving offer sheet to Henrique: "If that happens, we will never let somebody take a player. We’ll match anything.” Lamoriello said he sat down with Johan Hedberg this morning to discuss "options." Lamoriello wouldn't discuss (with me) trade, buyout, etc. https://twitter.com/TGfireandice
  13. I think this might go back to Lou's affiliation with the Yankees. Historically Steinbrenner never negotiated in season with players regarding contract extensions. I could be totally wrong but it could be a possible explanation as to why Lou operates like this.
  14. Just passing this along, I saw this on thefourthperiod.com, not sure how reliable they are but they say we have shown interest in Keith Yandle, Jon Bernier, and Derek Roy http://www.thefourthperiod.com/trade_deadline/top25/index.html
  15. Per TG 17 teams have scouts at the game tonight: "MIN, VAN, CHI, DAL, ANA, CGY, CAR, MTL, DET, TOR, PHO, STL, WAS, SJ, NAS, CBJ & FLA listed on seating chart." https://twitter.com/TGfireandice
  16. It sort of already exists, here is a great research paper on the matter http://www.sloansportsconference.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/Total%20Hockey%20Rating%20(THoR)%20A%20comprehensive%20statistical%20rating%20of%20National%20Hockey%20League%20forwards%20and%20defensemen%20based%20upon%20all%20on-ice%20events.pdf
  17. You can buy a very similar sweatshirt here for 84.99 http://shop.nhl.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13229585&cp=3176613&clickid=body_bestsell_txt
  18. "SKA GM says Kovalchuk announcement coming Sat. But Kovy's family is in US, so it's pretty settled. I hope KHL has enjoyed it's little PR war" -https://twitter.com/SlavaMalamud/status/289728962219896835
  19. Elliotte Friedman from HNIC tweeted about a new offer the NHL made to the NHLPA it includes a one buyout from each team here is his twitter so you can read more https://twitter.com/FriedgeHNICThis got me thinking about possible players that will get bought out by their respective teams and whether or not the Devils should/would be interested. 1. Vincent Lecavalier- Could play center or wing, I think he would fit on this team. He has a reputation of dogging it sometimes, but Deboer, Lamoriello and CO would not allow that. 2. Dany Heatley- He is a great goal scorer and he could fill the void that Parise left. Him and Ilya on the same line would be dirty 3. Brian Campbell- Soupy is a pretty good offensive defenseman and could help the powerplay.Even though he is sort of old (33) I think he is somebody we should explore on a short term deal. Those are three names that I came up with, feel free to add more to this list.
  20. Take this for what it's worth; "WBZ's Steve Burton reports that a deal to save the #nhl season could be announced tomorrow or Wednesday" WBZ is a station in Boston https://twitter.com/wbzsports Personally, I'm taking this with a grain of salt but I figured I'd pass it along.
  21. More fuel to the fire http://www.thefourthperiod.com/news/njd120820.html some highlights "It's believed Gallacher is looking to purchase a majority stake in the franchise" "According to one source, a deal could be achieved in the coming months, as soon as January 2013."
  22. Weber's agent backtracking now, Weber's agent on if NSH matches: "These guys are after one thing and that's winning hockey games. I don't foresee there being a problem." VIA James Mirtle https://twitter.com/mirtle
  23. Here is an interview that Weber's agent gave to TSN http://iphone.tsn.ca/tsnpodcasts/Bousquet.mp3 some highlights ""I don't think you would sign an offer sheet unless you were hoping to go to that team. "He'd like to play with the Philadelphia Flyers... he doesn't want to go through a rebuilding process again" "If Ryan Suter had stayed, I don't think we'd be having this discussion."
  24. from EJ Hradek "For nervous Devils fans, I believe there's still a good chance that Parise stays in NJ. Stay tuned .." https://twitter.com/#!/EJHradek_NHL
  25. When it comes to money here is an interesting tidbit. Most teams get paid by local radio/tv stations to have get the rights to broadcast their games, and while the Devils are getting paid by MSG, they ARE PAYING WFAN to have their games broadcast.
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