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  1. JBo at 6.68 for the next two years- no thank you. The Devils do not have bad enough contract for Calgary to take back except Tallinder and realistically he isn't going anywhere. Also don't forget the Devils need to maximize the money for Parise. However, the only way I see Lou going after a big priced player at the deadline is if two things are near certain: A) he has the basic parameters of a deal worked out with Parise, and B) he knows that there is going to be a cap amnesty clause in the next CBA.
  2. I think Nash stays until the summer now, either that or he is traded by Sunday night.
  3. 8 scouts on the list for tonight's Devils/Leafs game in Toronto: PHX, CBJ, DAL, LA, STL, ANA, NAS, CHI According to TFP https://twitter.com/#!/TheFourthPeriod
  4. "One more time. CBJ is pushing Nash to Flyers. Not other way around. Although flyers would like to upgrade in goal even in backup" https://twitter.com/#!/tpanotchcsn
  5. I think Holmgren might be off his rocker " So we've got Kubina to Philly for 2012 2nd (from FLA) and 2013 4th as the deal... but word on Philly is another deal pending." Per TFP https://twitter.com/#!/TheFourthPeriod
  6. Per NBC10 in Philly: "Just reported on NBC10/phila that flyers trying hard 2 make trade w columbus 4 Rick Nash. Would trade Van riemsdyk and bobrovsky and player" https://twitter.com/#!/howardeskin
  7. It wouldn't shock me at all that since this leaked out IF Lou were considering trading for Zidlicky that he is no longer considering trading for him.
  8. Not so fast...: "Zidlicky has said he would waive to go to NJD, however, Wild hasn't asked him to...yet, and may not trade him until the summer says source." Per-Darren Dreger https://twitter.com/#!/DarrenDreger
  9. Suspicious that Devils have called up Palmieri if he is not playing tonight. Perhaps a trade is in the works?
  10. Per Dan Rosen, "Washington, Philly, Anaheim, L.A., Columbus, Phoenix, San Jose, Pittsburgh, Detroit all have scouts in Newark for Devils vs. Habs. Discuss." https://twitter.com/#!/drosennhl
  11. http://www.deadline.com/2011/09/fcc-ruling-gives-verizon-att-access-to-msgs-hd-channels/ "The FCC today has ruled that a pair of high-definition regional sports channels operated by Cablevision’s Madison Square Garden must be offered to Verizon’s FiOS and AT&T’s U-Verse video services."
  12. "Word is Steve Cangelosi, veteran NY area sportscaster will take Doc Emrick's spot on Nj devils play by play. Good hire, good guy." http://twitter.com/#!/goldieonice not something we didn't expect but looks to be official now
  13. I can tell you for a fact that Steve Goldstein the TV PBP guy for the Panthers has been offered the job to replace Doc. Steve is a great guy and I know him personally. He grew up in the NY/NJ area. He got the call about the offer on Thursday night, and is currently mulling his options as he still has a contract with the Panthers and has a family down here in Miami and is not sure he wants to move them up to NJ.
  14. Per Darren Dreger"Told Therrien is not the Devils new coach. We're in for a bit of a surprise." http://twitter.com/#!/DarrenDreger
  15. Cross Hitchcock off the list Per Thomas Reed of the columbus dispatch "Former #CBJ coach Ken Hitchcock will not get New Jersey Devils job." "Former #CBJ coach Ken Hitchcock was a serious candidate for the New Jersey job." http://twitter.com/#!/TReedDispatch
  16. The Devils will conduct their development camp this week without a head coach, but general manager Lou Lamoriello expects to hire one shortly after it’s over. “It won’t be long,” Lamoriello told me. “(But) it won’t be this week.” Mods feel free to lock this if you feel it's not needed http://blogs.northjersey.com/blogs/fireice/comments/no_head_coach_for_devils_this_week/#comments
  17. **NHL RUMORS**Source:Kaberle looks 2be finalizing decision should be signed within 72hours(Devils / Wings in lead: Isles & Kings also in it) found it on twitter for incarceratedbob http://twitter.com/#!/incarceratedbob anybody know if this guy is legit?
  18. Well boss I realized that you were saying he was wrong and I was just giving him the explanation so relax a little bit
  19. Actually that is incorrect deals can be longer than 6 years but here are the stipulations regarding said deals: 1. While players and clubs can continue to negotiate long-term contracts (five years or longer) that include contract years in a player's 40s, for purposes of salary-cap calculation the contract will effectively be cut off in the year of the contract in which the player turns 41. This basically means that if a 33-year-old player signs an eight-year contract, the amount owed to him in the first seven years of the contract will be averaged for the purposes of salary-cap computation. Then, in Year 8 of the contract, the salary he will make for that particular season will determine his salary-cap hit for that season. So, if Kovalchuk's contract applied to this rule, the average of what he's owed in the first 13 years would be applied to the Devils salary cap from 2010-2023 and the cap hit would be $7.15 million because he is reportedly due to make $93 million across that span. Then, per the reported terms, the cap hit would change to $3 million in 2023-24 (as Kovalchuk turns 41 in April of that season) and $4 million in 2024-25. 2. In any long-term contract that averages more than $5.75 million for the three highest-compensation seasons, the cap charge will be a minimum of $1 million for every season in which the player is 36-39 years of age. That $1 million value will then be used to determine the salary cap hit for the entire contract. If the contract takes the player into his 40s, the previous rule goes into effect. For example, Savard's contract reportedly calls for him to make $525,000 per season in the final two years of his seven-year, $28 million deal. He will be 38 and 39 in those seasons. If his contract was subject to these new regulations, for purposes of calculating the salary cap the final two years on his deal will reflect as if he was making $1 million. That would make his reported $4 million cap hit go up to $4.14 million. The club and player still can agree to a contract that pays a player less than $1 million when he is at those ages, but for salary-cap purposes the number applied to the team's annual average salary will be $1 million.
  20. It's all about the cap. I am worried too, but I think it is smart for Lou to wait to see what the cap number is before he gives Zach a contract offer. I would hope Zach understands that. I think the deal will end u being either 12/72million or 15/90million which is a 6 million dollar cap hit and the deal doesn't need to be front loaded or anything because each deal breaks down to an even 6 million per year.
  21. If Doc does leave I wouldn't mind seeing John Hennesey(sp?) come back to do the games. Him and Velischeck were very good on the radio I thought.
  22. Well he was not offered the job according to tg "The job was open each of the last two summers and Lamoriello never even gave Haviland a phone call either time I thought the guy deserved a chance both times, but I don’t know of that ship has sailed now." http://blogs.northjersey.com/blogs/fireice/comments/devils_players_want_next_head_coach_to_carry_on_lemaires_philosophy/P25/
  23. My Prediction: Rangers vs Flyers at Lincoln Financial Field
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