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  1. this form bob mckenzie's twitter: Pat Burns is home from hospital and taking antibiotics for pneumonia. His cousin Robin wants people to know Pat's departure is not imminent.
  2. sorry for being so picky but does anyone have a link I can watch on mozilla without sopcast?
  3. Yeah I dont have sopcast thats why I was hoping somebody can give me a different link
  4. anyone have a link to watch the game online?
  5. hopefully Ilya really starts to break out now that his son his born and he doesn't have to worry about that.
  6. does anybody have a link to watch the game online please?
  7. I wonder when Cangy is going to realize Brodeur is not in net tonight
  8. I found this funny, When asked why Danis would get the start tonight, Lemaire replied, “Every time you asked me why Yann is not playing. Now he’s playing and you want to know why he’s playing,”
  9. I also heard from the same source the Madden wants to come back to NJ next year and he is currently building a 5.6 million dollar house in NJ and he plans to live in NJ after he retires
  10. Guys I know from a very good source that Pando thinks the Devils are going to try and get rid of him after the season.
  11. from kevin allen twitter "Latest on Leafs: Stempniak will be traded, nothing close on Exelby or Primeau, and Kaberle isn't going to be dealt."
  12. anybody have a link to watch the game online?
  13. I don't know if this has been posted but according to Darren Dreger's twitter, "Devils inquire about Scott Niedermayer's availability. He's not." http://twitter.com/DarrenDreger
  14. I don't think that is entirely true
  15. http://atdhe.net/ scroll down on the page
  16. per kevin allen twitter Atlanta Thrashers receive Oduya, Bergfors, Patrice Cormier and a 1st-round pick for Kovalchuk
  17. per friedmanHNIC twitter Believe the deal is Oduya, bergfors, nick palmieri and a first rounder
  18. per bruce garrioch's twitter Thornton, Stuart and Sobotka healthy scratches in Boston.
  19. per kevin allens twitter I will be able to confirm the team at 7:30. Stay tuned. Sorry about the delay, but everyone knows that I don't report it unless I'm 100%
  20. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=515705
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