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  1. Elias has a NMC or a NTC I forget which one so he is not going anywhere
  2. found this on HF boards Rob ray was on the local buffalo sports radio station and said he knew what team kovalchuk was going to but he had to keep it a secret and when they brought up the teams boston didnt sound like the the place he was going from what was said it sounded like either rangers or hawks but who knows where hell end up but just wanted to share that info.He said he talked to mathew barnaby who is with tsn today.Rob ray told mike shopp and the bulldog (hosts of the show) to keep thier phones near because its almost done,and buffalo would never give up what kovalchuk would aquire. http://hfboards.com/showthread.php?t=733810&page=18 and this from Mckenzie's twitter About a half dozen teams still in the mix for Kovalchuk. Likely to take at least another two or three days to sort itself out. No deadline. http://twitter.com/TSNBobMcKenzie
  3. Rolston is not going anywhere He has a NTC and he recently bought a 5 million dollar house in my town
  4. Kovy very much in play, but I'm being told that the Blackhawks aren't in the mix right now. http://twitter.com/CraigCustance/ Not surprised to hear the Devils attached to Kovalchuk. When Hossa was dealt at the deadline, I was told NJ offered ATL Gionta. http://twitter.com/CraigCustance/ At this point, Thrashers will not let any team talk to Kovalchuk about an extension. To do so would put power in hands of player/agent. http://twitter.com/TSNBobMcKenzie
  5. and to whoever was asking the Olympic trade freeze is Feb 12-Feb 28
  6. from Mckenzie's twitter Teams in mix for Kovalchuk include: Boston, New Jersey, Rangers, Philadelphia, Calgary, Chicago and L.A. Some more. Some less. Auction time. http://twitter.com/TSNBobMcKenzie
  7. From Bob McKenzie's twitter RDS reports that Don Waddell met Ilya Kovalchuk today and told him to expect a trade in the coming days. Now it's on. http://twitter.com/TSNBobMcKenzie
  8. This is what ESPN insider has to say: We've heard rumblings that the Devils might step up to the plate for Kovalchuk (and Denis Potvin mentioned the possibility on XM radio on Tuesday), in spite of the fact that Lou Lamoriello usually stays away from the big-ticket players at the trade deadline. The organization is usually pretty quiet about deals until they come to pass, but this would be a very surprising move for a team that rarely chases superstars and their pricey contract demands.
  9. does anyone have a link to watch the game online? Thanks in advance
  10. Not only did Marty break the record, but this was also a good measuring stick for this team and they passed with flying colors.
  11. What is going on here? We have people on the same team running into each other.
  12. Colin Campbell is right saying the coverage that this is getting is punishment enough. Ballard should buy Vokoun a really nice get well soon gift.
  13. Shanny should at least make a pith for the job
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