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  1. You are literally the worst piece of crap ever. And that is saying something, as this board is loaded with top grade douches. YOU my friend, are the KING of the Douche.
  2. Not for nuthin' but what about putting together some sort of rotating squad of fans to visit the local joints on a weekly basis? Maybe people can do once a month. but meet up with other fans at Dino, or Edison, or Loft, or Hells K or whatever? I can probably do that, and on the odd weekend (Friday or Saturday, maybe even Sunday) get some non-ticket holding folks to join in. I know it doesn't help the people working at the arena, but...?
  3. Not sure if anyone posted about Riverfront Park in Newark opening? There's a whole bunch of stuff going on there tomorrow, starting in the morning. Riverfront Park Not technically around the Rock, but still pretty close and another sign of good things happening. There's also Newark Waterfront boat tours later in June.
  4. I may be interested, not for me, but for friends, who are defintely Devils fans. Will get back to you, but if you have a customer, then go with it.
  5. Had the Crow Peak 11th Hour IPA today. Crow Peak 11 IPA They have a bunch of beers worth trying.
  6. Not sure if anyone has seen the Beerjobber site. I signed up and placed my first order this week, supposed to be delivered next week. I ordered an IPA from South Dakota and some tall fellers from Wyoming. It's a bit pricey, with the shipping and all, but still cheaper than good beer you will buy in a pub, and they have lots of beers you won't see in NJ.
  7. Just curious, but if you are a person of faith, how are you an NJ Devils fan?
  8. What little I know is, West Orange is HUGE, I think you could say it has 2 town centers. Property taxes will probably be high, but it will also be close to Newark aka The Rock!
  9. Funny enough, I've never been to any Seabra's location, even working in Newark for 9 years, and going to concerts/shows at NJPAC, Devils games at The Rock, etc. I do like Adega too, though with drinks, you can expect the bill to be a bit on the high side compared to the other places. Agreed re: the scenery at Adega bar, if you can find a seat while the Portuguese league games are on! Sagres makes a mean cocktail, but I only had lunch there once, years ago.
  10. Grew up and live in Friendly White Families. We mostly are!
  11. Mompou is fantastic. Check out their wine tasting dinners. Catas is a nice option, and if you want to go deep, try MiSaVi or SolMar. Don't think any of those places work pre-game. Fornos = blah. Never will go back.
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