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  1. Devils shouldn't forget Pandolfo

    Well one thing to remember is that it's not like our 3rd line gets 3rd line minutes. They're out when the other team's 1st line is out, almost all of the time, so they log a lot of ice, therefore it might be time for the Devils to realize that they are hurting their chances of scoring by not having someone who can actually score a decent amount playing alongside Madden. If our checking line wasn't used so frequently, then I wouldn't have a problem with Pando taking his spot as usual, but they get so much ice that I really feel like that line is one of our main problems when it comes to reasoning for our not scoring goals. Assuming that we get some sort of top 6 offensive player, our lines could look like... Parise - Elias - Gio xxxxx - Zajac - Bergfors? (if he makes the team, which I think he will) Zubrus - Madden - Langenbrunner crapshoot of players (Vrana? Pelley? Clarkson...) or... Elias - xxxxx - Gio Parise - Zajac - Bergfors Zubrus - Madden - Langenbrunner crapshoot of players (Vrana? Pelley? Clarkson...) or anything, really. I think that if we get somewhat busy with UFA's, bringing in maybe one high caliber offensive player and one support/role guy, we could have a well-formed offense. Preferably, that offensive player would be a center, allowing Elias to go back to the left and putting Parise in a more suitable role of second line winger for now. Anyways, I'm supposed to be writing a paper for my summer class but No-Hockey Madness got the better of me and I had to play GM for a few minutes.
  2. The Hot List: Draft class

    I'm not a believer in switching players to opposite wing positions, especially when they're smaller players. Having to cut in like that is just asking for defensemen to demolish them. If a person's played one wing most of his life, keep him there because he's probably not going to be nearly as effective in a different spot.
  3. Devils shouldn't forget Pandolfo

    I love Pando, and wouldn't be against re-signing him, but I think that one thing that could really help us would be to give Zubrus the spot to the left of Madden. He's a very good checker, and he has more offensive ability than Pando has. Also, since he's found it hard to play on one of our two scoring lines, it clears up a spot on one of those lines for a more offensive player, without sticking Zub (3.4m) on the fourth line. A line of Zubrus - Madden - Langenbrunner could be very good, and we'd probably get more offensive contribution from that line than we have had on any Maddolfo checking line in the past.