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  1. nyrsuck26

    Anybody use slingbox or sling tv?

    I've been using Slingbox for almost 6 years now, and while it is very useful, it isn't a replacement for cable. All it does is take the output from your set-top box and stream it via the internet so you can watch on your phone/tablet/PC. It works well so long as you have a fast, stable internet connection (particularly upload speeds), but it's kind of useless if you ditch cable lol. I've never used Sling TV, so I can't speak to that, sorry.
  2. nyrsuck26

    GDT: Game 1 Devils @ Penguins.

    This should be exciting. LGD!
  3. nyrsuck26

    Kovalchuk inured.......by Poni

    LOL! I always liked Poni.
  4. nyrsuck26

    Kovalchuk Retired Effective Immediately?

    I still don't believe this actually happened.
  5. nyrsuck26

    GDT New Jersey Devils at Leafs 7PM MSG+

    Please win.
  6. nyrsuck26

    Devils Twitter 1, Kings Twitter 0... It's on..

    This is glorious.
  7. nyrsuck26

    GDT 3/19/13: NY Rags @ Devils

    Let's Go Devils! Losing is not an option!
  8. nyrsuck26

    Rangers Embrace Female Fans

    HA! The Rangers would do this...
  9. nyrsuck26

    GDT: New Jersey Gionta @ Montreal Gionta

    Let's Go Devils!!
  10. nyrsuck26

    GDT: New Jersey Devils @ New Yawk Islanders

    I'm so excited! Let's Go Devils!!
  11. nyrsuck26

    Zajac sign Long Term Deal

    Awesome. Nice to see us locking up our players long term for once. Time to go buy the Zajac jersey.
  12. nyrsuck26

    Official 2012 New York Yankees Thread

    Ditto to that. This team is so incredibly frustrating.
  13. nyrsuck26

    Official 2012 New York Yankees Thread

    What a game pitched by CC! Bring on Detroit!
  14. nyrsuck26

    Official 2012 New York Yankees Thread

    That was big to win the division. I know the Yanks technically would have had two shots at the one game playoff (the division playoff vs. BAL and the wild card vs. TEX), but that was only asking for trouble. Even if we won, the rotation would have been all out of whack for the ALDS. I'm confident in our ability to win a series against either opponent, but if I had a choice, I want the Os. It's kinda weird how the two-time defending AL champs have gone under the radar this year.

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