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  1. I've been using Slingbox for almost 6 years now, and while it is very useful, it isn't a replacement for cable.  All it does is take the output from your set-top box and stream it via the internet so you can watch on your phone/tablet/PC.  It works well so long as you have a fast, stable internet connection (particularly upload speeds), but it's kind of useless if you ditch cable lol.

    I've never used Sling TV, so I can't speak to that, sorry.

  2. That was big to win the division. I know the Yanks technically would have had two shots at the one game playoff (the division playoff vs. BAL and the wild card vs. TEX), but that was only asking for trouble. Even if we won, the rotation would have been all out of whack for the ALDS.

    I'm confident in our ability to win a series against either opponent, but if I had a choice, I want the Os. It's kinda weird how the two-time defending AL champs have gone under the radar this year.

  3. Ugh more injury news....A-Rod has a non-displaced fracture of the fifth metacarpal in his left hand and is going to the DL. We won't have a timetable until he gets checked out in NY. All because Felix forgot how to throw the fvcking ball over the plate and hit 3 guys. Then the reliever came in and knocked Ibanez down. None of those were intentional but it would be nice to see Nova drill a Mariner in the 1st inning tomorrow.

    This team has really gotten hit hard by the injury bug this year.

    Which makes it all the more impressive that they have been able to build such a commanding lead in the AL East.

    I actually don't think losing A-Rod will be that big of a deal. This team has plenty of power all around, and it's no secret that A-Rod hadn't been having the best of years.

    Have they said how long he will be out yet?

  4. My main issue in Batman Begins is how the first third of it feels nothing like a Batman movie. It works to get the taste of the Schumacher disasters out of our mouths and truly reinvent the character, but there something to be said for the jump in tone from the first third to the second. My other gripe with Batman Begins is the villian of Ras Agul is pretty terrible. Like I said in the reviews, Nolan is all about working within a theme but his dedication to that theme sometimes gets in the way of the movie's fun. Agreed, Batman Begins is quite good, 8 out of 10 for me, but I think TDK is bigger and better in pretty much every aspect, including the Rachel Dawes character.

    ...OK, the difference between Katie Holmes and Maggie Gylenthnal isn't too huge, but Maggie had a slightly better script to work with and better characterization. Edge to TDK in that one.

    Like I said, I know I'm in the minority on this subject, and I don't expect to change anyone's opinions. I also understand exactly where you are coming from, in terms of how it doesn't have he feel of a batman movie. That's probably one part that like about it. That being how slow his progression from an angry guy obsessed with revenge to a champion of justice is. In too many superhero movies is the origin story rushed in order to get the action, which is most often the main crowd pleaser, but that's my opinion. I do however, completely disagree on Ra's Al Ghul being a "terrible" villain. He's a good antithesis to Batman in his views on how justice must be carried out, which is what leads to their clashes.

    On the Holmes vs. Gyllenhaal thing, it's not a huge difference to me either. It was more-so just a point I threw on the end there, and I may not really be giving her a chance, because it's just a pet peeve of mine when movies change actors in important roles between sequels.

  5. I can't even imagine what it would've been like in that theater. I probably wouldn't have believed it. Prayers go out to them.


    On the subject of the actual movie, I'm going to see it tonight, and am SO PUMPED! I'm a huge fan of this trilogy, and am sad to see it end, although it's certainly better than it being watered down by an indefinite amount of sequels.

    Everyone I've ever talked to disagrees with me about this, but I have always thought that Batman Begins is a better movie than The Dark Knight (though it is also a great movie). I just felt like Begins had a deeper, more complex plot with more drama and emotion than TDK. Once again, not that TDK was lacking in those areas, just thought Begins was better. Oh, and the actress who played Rachael Dawes in TDK was not very good IMO.

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