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  1. Just felt like getting in a post so I don't feel left out...
  2. This trade is looking so crazy. The entire Nets starting lineup, except Lopez, is gonna change.
  3. Ours is definitely one of the better ones so far.
  4. C'Mon guys, I'm going back to PA today, I don't think I can stand being aroud all those Flyers fans the way this is going... Give me something!!
  5. Ahh, Ilka Pikkarainen... Good times... [not really, that sucked]
  6. Whatever happens, Langs will always be one of my favorites, and I will always wear his jersey proudly.
  7. Holy sh!t, the apocalypse is upon us! Everyone, flee for your lives!
  8. I can't speak for other Giants fans, but there is no blame passing going on here. Those two awful performances were the result of the players not stepping up when it counted, not bad play calling or bad preparation. I saw the foundations of a win in both those games (a lot more than a foundation in the Eagles game). However, Kevin Gilbride is the worst offensive coordinator ever. I thought he should have been fired back when he was QB coach. But, his play-calling has brought his ineptitude to a new level... I'm just gonna stop before I get too worked up.
  9. That's a good move. This collapse was not Tommy Coughlin's fault. I'm glad the front office was smart enough to recognize that. That said some of these assistants [cough]Kevin Gilbride[cough] need to go.
  10. Well, Jay Cutler successfully threw another game-losing interception. Whatever, I am almost glad this team didn't make the playoffs. With the exception of that one magical year in 07, they only ever disappoint me.
  11. Wow, '7', you should really see someone about that inferiority complex.
  12. Assuming no repeat in venue (but possibility of repeat in teams) possibilities are (purely from a climate and venue standpoint) Realistically: New York @ Citi New Jersey @ New Meadowlands Philadelphia @ Lincoln Financial or Citizens Bank Washington @ RKF or FedEx or Nationals Park Detroit @ Comerica or the Big House Columbus @ the Horseshoe Minnesota @ Target or U of Minnesota St. Louis @ Busch Colorado @ Coors or Invesco Longshot: Nashville @ LP Carolina @ NC State football Stadium Ridiculous Dark Horse: San Jose @ Oakland Coliseum or AT&T or Candlestick My money is on New York, but may the Isles get pissed since Citi Field is closer to them than the Rags?
  13. I immediately thought of that too. lol
  14. Took a while but I tracked down a site. http://www.myp2pforum.eu/threads/50234-2011-World-Junior-Hockey-Championship-Dec-28th
  15. Well, I guess the Giants have shown us who they really are.
  16. Okay G-Men, your season is today. Win an in. This is where you show the world what kind of team you really are! Step Up!!!
  17. Only a matter of time until Admiral Ackbar made it back, with Lemaire's return. lol LET'S GO DEVILS!
  18. Is it possible to both LOVE and HATE a move?
  19. It's amazing, I've given up all expectations for the season, and after every game, I say "That's it, I can't watch any more. I'm done until next year." Then, somehow I end up with the next game on my TV. So, although I don't want to ... Let's Go Devils!
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