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  1. This can't be... They are too good... They are certainly going to collapse one of these weeks, right???
  2. You haven't read very many threads on here lol Seriously, this is FAR from the dumbest thread this site has ever seen.
  3. Congrats Joe Paterno win #400!!! It's still hard to believe that I was actually there for that...
  4. Why can't I be home for any of these games?????
  5. This game is such bullsh!t! We have outplayed in every category except for goals! What gives!!?!!
  6. You're probably right, but I can hope. LET'S GO DEVILS!
  7. So I missed most of the game tonight, but I see we are in full panic mode, so it must have been pretty bad, huh?
  8. Let's get that first winning streak of the year!
  9. Two absolutely crazy games to start the year. 2-0 BABY!
  10. Yea, Lopez was a beast. They just can't let up like they started to do at the end of the half.
  11. It was SOOOOOO satisfying to see Tony Romo go down with a broken collarbone, out 6-8 weeks. I am officially nicknaming this defense the QB assassins, since this now the 5th QB we've knocked (Matt Moore, Jay Cutler, Todd Collins, Shaun Hill, Tony Romo).
  13. I know that I will eventually come to agree with this statement, but for now I remain pissed and depressed.
  14. Marty must have flipped a sh!t when J Mac told him this.
  15. All I'm gonna say is that AJ better pitch one helluva game tomorrow.
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