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  1. Yea, I like that he's back, but it's a bit long.
  2. Soooooo.... Do we get to 100 pages in this thread by time he signs??
  3. Good contract if you ask me. It's less money than he used to make, which it should be, and may be slightly more than what you'd like to give him, but he's one of the best ever, and you gotta give him what he wants.
  4. Huh... Not worried yet, but still didn't really see this coming.
  5. They said on YES that Andy's out 6 weeks with a fractured ankle. This is becoming a very kind of day.
  6. Seems like this is more of a precaution, than a real worrisome injury, and one I agree with. No need to put your ace at risk of greater injury in June, for the sake of having a better chance of winning two games.
  7. I think the only way one can reqct to this is laughing.
  8. Wow, no discussion in here for over a month! Guess that's a sign that all things are going fairly well in Yankee-land.
  9. LA won't be caught off guard again. This is going to be the hardest one yet. Let's Go Devils! Please win.
  10. I don't want the season to end! Please win.
  11. Please win. Don't get swept. :pray:
  12. This series is far from over. A couple breaks and we can easily take these games in LA. LET'S GO DEVILS!!
  13. Let's go boys! This is where we show the world that we should not be underestimated!
  14. nyrsuck26

    So relaxed!

    I know I'm probably an awful fan for feeling this, but it almost seems like winning the finals is more like icing on the cake than the actual goal. Maybe it was the way the last series ended, OT and all, or because we weren't expected to do much in these playoffs, but I just can't help having that feeling like after your team wins the championship. This feeling will probably, change come 8:00 Wednesday, but it still just feels wrong.
  15. This thread is so awesome, simply for the fact that it exists.
  16. Agreed. One weekend to bask in the glory that is the Prince of Wales Trophy.
  17. Please win, please win. I'm so scared of game 7. Hopefully another big game from the Fantastic Fourth (line)!!
  18. Just win, please, so I can sleep tonight.
  19. You know, you'd think I'd be incredibly pissed/depressed after being shutout by those [insert whatever word you wish], but I'm surprisingly calm, and dare I say encouraged. They played very hard, and were not nearly as outplayed as one would expect from a 3-0 final. (The guys on NBC were even saying that we outplayed them for most of the game.) Let us remember that we lost the first game to Philly and were down 3-2 against Florida. This team can come back from a bad situation in a series, and has even shown that they excel at it. They've proven that they can fix bad parts of their game (for example, the PK), and adjust to play to the opponents weaknesses (like the entire Flyers series after game 1). I think they will come out Wednesday and probably outplay the Rangers (at least in the 1st). Obviously, that may or may not translate to victory, but this series is far from over.
  20. Here we go boys! This is it! Failure is not an option against these f******! LET'S GO DEVILS!!
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