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  1. Jeter's been on fire to start. He hit another HR tonight (albeit in a losing effort). Great to see him showing everyone that he still hasn't lost it.

    They were talking on ESPN during the game tonight about the problem the Yanks are gonna have when they're rotation gets healthy. Right now the rotation consists of:






    The problem comes when Pineda comes off the DL (which they said could be within a month), and when(if?) Pettitte reaches game-shape and is ready to come up. In my opinion, they should pull Hughes and Garcia from the rotation, but then of course you have to decide whether they go to the bullpen or the minors (or in the case of Garcia designated for assignment). It's not a simple question, especially if they still see Hughes as a long-term starter. Thoughts?

  2. I like the idea of having extra teams in the playoffs, but the one-game playoff is just stupid. It's not fair to the "1st place" wildcard team. I would have like a 3-game series. Imagine the scenario (which will happen at some point) where a team finishes first for the wild card by 10 games over the next team, but then loses the one-game playoff on a fluky play (which I see as very likely, since baseball is easily the flukiest of the major sports). At least with a 3-game series, you can't making the argument for losing twice on a fluke.

  3. I read the first article you posted (and I'll eventually get around to looking at the other ones). Honestly this section jumped out at me as having the most immediate impact on the game:


    Players will no longer be allowed to use those low-density maple bats that shatter and turn into dangerous sharp, flying objects.

    The Great Gazoo helmet, which Frankie Cervelli wears following all his concussions, will be mandatory by 2013. The new version will be less bulky and hilarious looking.

    It will certainly be interesting to see if the change from maple bats will have any significant effect on hitters.

  4. Honestly I didn't even know that the game was happening until after it was over, which is shame because I would have loved to watch. Next the US needs to learn how to win meaningful games.

  5. I'm ok with this trade. I don't think any of the players we traded will ammount to much, so the most valuable things we gave up were really the picks which are always a cr@pshoot. It's worth it in my opinion if Loou thinks Zidlicky will help win a cup.

  6. Well, pitchers and catchers report today, and the Mets thread has already started, so it's time for a new Yankees thread.

    Let's kick it off with some news just going down today:

    Yanks agree to deal with Ibanez

    It's been rumored for a while, and I personally don't mind it. We need someone to fill the DH roll with Jorge retiring and Montero being traded, and if he sucks we didn't invest much at all in him. I see it as a very low risk/high reward type of signing.

    Here's to another great season, with hopefully another Division title and most importantly of all a World Championship!

  7. Offseason fan debate.

    Assuming Cashman's looking to unload a pitcher, would you trade AJ Burnett for Adam Dunn straight-up?

    No, Adam Dunn had one of the worst seasons in baseball history last year, and it would even be that effective of a salary dump, as Dunn makes over $10 mil. Plus, unless I'm mistaken, I think this is Burnett's last year of his contract, no?

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