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  1. The Pens are way too hot to lose, but the wings are way to good to not put up a fight. Pens in 7.
  2. GET KOIVU! I don't care if that is the only free agent that we sign all summer that is not already on our roster. He is the second-line center we need.
  3. Answers expected tomorrow in Coyotes case Sounds as if the NHL & Bettman might actually let this happen, or at least are more open to it than a week ago. There's also this: Balsillie makes bid ultimatum
  4. This may be unrealistic in terms of salary (I'm not quite familiar wit the specifics of the money situation) but this would be in my opinion would be the best possible outcome: Resign Zajac, Gionta, Shannahan, PL3, Oduya, Greene, Weekes Trade waive or do something else to get rid of Pandolfo Sign Saku Koivu Parise-Zajac-Langenbrunner Elias-Koivu-Gionta Rolston-Zubrus-Shannahan Bergfors-Vrana/Pelley-Clarkson extra:PL3, Vrana/Pelley Martin-Corrente Salvador-Oduya White-Greene extra:Mottau Brodeur Weekes Four skilled offensive-tendency forward lines, and a defense that is somewhat more able to move the puck.
  5. http://www.hockeysfuture.com/articles/1121...aft_evaluation/ Good article, although it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that Zajac was the gem of the Devils draft that year.
  6. As much as I respect Mottau and he is a very serviceable defenseman, I'm going to have to agree here. He is simply too unskilled (and doesn't make up for it with hard-hitting physicality like White) to be a starter. I would like to see a FA in his spot, but with that being unlikely, I'd say start Greene over him. Martin-Corrente (put the newbie with your best guy to try and cover his mistakes) Salvador-Oduya (pair an offensive, risk-taking D, with a conservative stay-at-home guy to back him up) White-Greene (combine the reasoning for the first two pairs)
  7. Nice, we could use shanny next year.
  8. Not sure if anyone cares but... http://www.thestar.com/sports/article/630631 On the bottom of the page is live updates from two sports reporters from the courtroom.
  9. While MTS Centre (the arena in Winnipeg is smaller), It has all of the modern amenities and luzuries that the NHL looks for in a modern arena. more info here: Official Site p.s. (look at the picture on the link) I feel like I've seen that arena before...
  10. I went last year, but I had to leave early. Hopefully this year I could go and stay long enough to see the Devils make their pick.
  11. Coyotes Could Return to Roots in Manitoba
  12. http://devils.nhl.com/team/app/?service=pa...rticleid=422900
  13. Interesting article here from the Toronto Star with a video: Balsillie Comes Out Swinging EDIT: Also there's this article: Labatt, Home Hardware Join Coyotes' Bid
  14. O MY F-ING GOD!!!! JUST GO AWAY!! f-ing canes
  15. Good article here. Everything wrong with Versus in a nutshell: http://www.bluejacketsxtra.com/live/conten...1Q.html?sid=101
  16. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/manitoba/story/20...ebook-jets.html I doubt that they succeed, but you gotta respect the dedication.
  17. I can only imagine the emotions of these people. Capitals Message Board
  18. WOW 5-0, was not ecpecting that. This is probably more depressing to Caps fans than our game 7 loss was for us.
  19. Yea, Oduya will definately be in a rangers uniform next year.
  20. Yea its debatable. I think the NHL is pretty evenly competitive right now, and two more teams might be able to compete, but not many more beyond that. I mean, an #8 seed knocked off a #1 seed (referring to the Ducks) this year and is giving the mighty Red Wings a run for there money. But then again, there were three teams with less than 70 points this year... I'm not sure whether expansion would be good idea or not. But, the Yotes and Thrash will eventually have to move, if not now, 10 years from now. Hockey doesn't seem to be able to survive there longterm. The NHL needs cities that, you know, actually have natural ice in the winter.
  21. Yea. Sorry Rags your gonna have to deal with that aweful contract... and Redden's... and Drury's... and Lundqvist's... and Rozsival's... and Naslund's... (nope, lucked out on that one) You can get where I'm going.
  22. Mayor says Hamilton only working with Balsillie Something tell's me that those discussions have gone farther than he's letting on...
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