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  1. Yes! Avery gets what he deserves for being such an a-hole.
  2. nyrsuck26


    In my mind Rolston had a great game. He really played his a$$ off. Marty was great, Parise is just plain amazing, and the Zajac goal was clutch but lucky at the same time.
  3. Thank you f-ing God!!! Words cannot describe my ecstasy!
  4. Sorry, only got one jersey (white Langenbrunner) and i always where my white autographed hat as they have not lost when i where it (knock on wood).
  5. nyrsuck26

    Look at Stubhub!

    I just printed my tickets...
  6. nyrsuck26

    Look at Stubhub!

    HOLY...! My order just got confirmed
  7. nyrsuck26

    Look at Stubhub!

    just placed an order for 2 seats in sec 5 for $34 each (game 1). We'll see if i actually get the tickets...
  8. looks like wee get almost no national broadcasts... what else is new?
  9. A win is a win. I'm not complaining... espeacially after lossing six in a row.
  10. Parise-Elias-Rolston Gionta-Zajac-Langenbrunner Zubrus-Madden-Shanahan Rupp-Holik-Clarkson I know it kinda makes us a one-line team, but its a pretty darn good line that can/will SHOOT THE PUCK.
  11. I live in Bergen. have iO. i dont get a third MSG.
  12. I wonder what Havelid was thinking watching that game on TV.
  13. Too bad... I liked Anssi. But I would trust Lou with my life, so lets go Havelid!
  14. I got iO as well and im not gettin anything. if i dont get it by wednesday, ill be ticked.
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