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  1. Not sure if we have any Nintendo faithfuls around here, but I just got a Nintendo 3DS (along with Super MArio 3D Land) and am so far pretty impressed with both the system and the game. The 3D effect really works (provided you hold the system the correct way) and the game does a good job taking advantage of it to make for some very fun gameplay. I'm wondering if anyone else here has one and if so what do you think?
  2. LOL. I literally just made this comment to my friend a few hours ago. Anyway, rough loss today with how close we came, but the 49ers are a good team. We just gotta bounce back and take care of business defensively against Vick next week, and hopefully get right back on track.
  3. Oh, don't worry. I'm already angry about that, and so are most students who weren't one of them. All they served to do was soil the good name of Penn State even further. They are a disgrace to this institution as well. Something else though, is that after Wednesday night, I am very proud of this student body for truly being much more well-informed as a whole than I previously would have given them credit for, and also for really coming together and trying to fix the image that those involved with the scandal and the rioters destroyed over the last week. That first night was filled with a lot of emotion from all of us, but that was really a select few morons who had a few to many and were looking for an excuse to break things (from those who I've talked to, most of the people who were there were just kind of watching the spectacle unfold before them). We want the world to know that that is not Penn State.
  4. Wow, this is kind of hard to believe. Hopefully he comes out of this safely.
  5. I read a lot of the report (skimmed really). Of course it's appalling what Sandusky did to these kids, and he deserves jail for life or maybe even the death penalty if Pennsylvania has it (but that's a whole other can of worms), and you are right, Paterno knew of this, probably to a larger degree than he'd ever admit. But in reading the grand jury report, you have every little detail right in front of you, and it just makes you want to go settle things with Sandusky yourself. However, Paterno probably didn't know all of these details that would galvanize us into action. I know that's not much of an excuse, but you have to put yourself in his shoes. Would you have really done more? What would State College Police have actually done if Paterno had went to them? Any eveidence he had was hear-say, and they would have been especially skeptical after he said he had already informed university police. It's terrible, and I hate myself for saying it, but I probably wouldn't have done more, nor do I think most people would have (if you would have, great for you, we should all try o be like you (no sarcasm intended here, sorry if it came off that way)), but that's about society, not you, or me, or Paterno. And once again, I would just like to reiterate that my biggest problem with this is that Paterno is the ONE getting attention from this. If his name were not Joe Paterno, he would not be the one we are focusing on.
  6. Ok, I understand you think he should have done more, and honestly I agree that that would have been the right thing to do. And I understand that he is not completely innocent. But my point is that he is not the only one who should be held accountable, and the media is making him out to be so. Really, it's terrible that Joe Paterno is the focus of this at all. Firing Joe Paterno can't change what happened to those unfortunate (for lack of a better word) children that were abused. We should be focusing on them and their future, or Sandusky and what should happen to him.
  7. Joe didn't cover up anything. He told the HEAD OF UNIVERSITY POLICE. What do you want him to do? Put on cape, and go fight?! As far as you're other point. The others involved (not including Sandusky obviously) were the AD Curley (whom Joe told), the University Police chief Schultz (whom Joe and Curley told), President Spanier (it's kinda blurry as far as exactly how much he knew), and McQueary, then then-grad assistant, now assistant coach (who witnessed the crime in 2002 and did not only did not stop it as it happened, he only went on to tell his father and eventually, Paterno). Curley is on administrative leave (still employed). Schultz is now "retired." Spanier resigned yesterday (was threatended to be fied if he didn't). McQueary coached the team in practice today. So you are right in a way. I guess what I meant was that Joe was the only one officially given the dishonorable discharge of being "fired," and not given the opportunity to honrably resign or retire, the way Spanier or Schultz was. Like I said, they wanted to make a statement, and give them credit, they certainly did.
  8. First off, as a sophomore here at PSU U Park, I will admit bias but, I also believe that my opinions are logically rooted. And, I also want to say that I was not part of the riots last night, because apparently unlike a lot of my classmates I had an exam to study for. But now for my thoughts.... I am very much against the firing of Joe Paterno. In hindsight (which we all know is 20/20), yes, he could have and should have done more, and even he has admitted that, and said that he wishes he had done more. However, at the time, what more did you want him to do? He informed his superiors, the AD (Curley (still has a job (on administrative leave))), and the chief of University Police (Schultz (has criminal charges coming against him for perjury, but I believe still has a job (correct me if I'm wrong))). At this point, he had to believe (just like most people) that the situation would get dealt with if his superiors determined the situation called for it. Unfortunately, they decided to basically slap Sandusky on wrist, and cover the whole thing up. So why is it that Joe Paterno was the only one fired through all of this (technically Spanier resigned)? Why does McQueary, who actually witnessed the damn thing (and walked away!!!!!), not only still have a job, but is being allowed to coach from the sidelines Saturday, still have a job? The only reason is that the university wanted to make a statement that they were taking action, and decided that firing the legendary football coach, who had already said he was retiring after the season anyway, was high enough profile for them. Beyond that, they handled it terribly. As I heard on ESPN earlier today, "if you can send a courier to Paterno's house to deliver a letter to tell him to call a number at a certain time (how shady does that sound?), to inform him of his release by phone, you can tell him in person." The man has brought this school and incredible amount of prestige, donated millions of dollars to build a library on campus, and simply has been the face of the university (today I ate lunch at a sandwich place called "Joegies") for almost a half a century now. What honestly does a man have to do to get the dignity of being fired in person?! Also, they had to know that the riots would take place. Most of the well-informed students have the same opinion as me, and the not-so-well-informed ones love JoePa because he's JoePa and will go get drunk and riot because they think it's good sport. They could've prevented this, and the negative publicity it is making by letting Joe retire after the season, on his own terms, like he wanted to. The students would have been fine with that. We all view JoePa as almost a second father, and if you can't rip him away without a backlash. That said, those riots were stupid, that didn't do any good. Joe wouldn't have wanted that. We all agree on that. [Rant Over.]
  9. What a great friggin game today. Eli IS in the same class as Brady!
  10. nyrsuck26


    Henrique > Kovalchuk ???...
  11. Good to hear. So is he likely to play Wednesday?
  12. I also noticed that the fourth line seemed to get extra shifts tonight for some reason. Perhaps Deboer was trying to see what he had in Carter? Whatever the reason, that's gonna have to stop.
  13. Until Zajac comes back, and we can take one of Parise/Elias out of center, just keep it Palmieri. The other lines are looking pretty good right now, so no real reason to break them up and mess with that.
  14. We look really good through the first. There's no way they can not score if they keep playing like that. Hopefully, they can keep it up. Also, I'm really liking this whole Parise-centering-Kovy thing. They look great together.
  15. Well, this is shaping up to be a night where we just hope to get to OT. lol
  16. Big win for the G-men, now in 1st place in the NFC East.
  17. MOOOOOOSE!! That was a great win. We overcame the Marty injury, and those shootout moves by Parise and Kovalchuk were sick!
  18. Yay! win! We're gonna need our big two scorers to contribute in a big way like this. Now, let's beat LA on Thursday!
  19. LOL. Yea, that was a rough loss. Eli continued to play very well though. Defense has to stop the run.
  20. Says who? I mean, not that I disagree, just wondering whether that's your opinion or stat-based, or whatever...
  21. So I've had a couple of days now to digest this season's end, and overall it was a good season, I liked this team, but they were never championship material. They never were able to play from behind, that's what separated them from the '09 team, and in the end, that's what did them in. We can point fingers all we want, but in the end, everyone on the team had a chance to make a difference, and they all failed. Anyway, it is what it is. I don't foresee to many changes this off-season other than a starter to go behind CC. They have some very good prospects coming up, and I think they may get their chance. I'm certainly excited for what next season may bring.
  22. Good choice, if it wasn't gonna be patty then this is the obvious one. We can only hope this is a good sign for him re-signing after the season.
  23. So, we were all pleasantly surprised by AJ, the offense did its job against the bullpen, and we're headed back to the Bronx. Now let's hope Nova can take us to the promised land.
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