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  1. Haven't seen the Yanks win a game like this in while. Really gutted it out. Great performance by the bullpen, especially Rafael Soriano's performance. Hopefully he can be a factor going forward. We got first place, no let's not give it back!
  2. I got a good feeling about this series. Go Yanks!
  3. Those are perhaps some of the grossest sports uniforms I've ever seen.
  4. This may be the greatest post of all time. LOL
  5. I for one actually think the WS is going to be Pirates vs Indians, thank you.
  6. If it's July 1st, apparently about 2 minutes.
  7. 12 runs in the first inning. Well done, boys. Also, with Ubaldo now off the market, does anyone else feel that the Yanks do nothing tomorrow (or very little)?
  8. While I hoping for a long-term deal now, just like everyone else on this board (and all other Devil fans), I really can't complain about this deal. Bottom line we have Parise set for this year, and now both sides get to see if he is truly healthy. The Devils don't want to take an unnecessary risk (as someone put it "like the Isles getting DP'ed), and Zach knows he can command more money if he does stay healthy. And I don't think Lou is particularly worried about the later scenario since we have White's and Salvador's contracts coming off the books next year. I will remain optimistic.
  9. OMG! I literally jumped for joy. The Parise signing has to be coming soon. I can feel it.
  10. Good news tonight is the Yankees scored 17 runs. Bad news is Phil Hughes clearly regressed from his very promising last start. Might this make the Ubaldo talks heat up?
  11. I like 'em. Sleek and modern looking, but also simple and classy.
  12. I don't believe it. This must be some kind of horrible nightmare.
  13. These rumors have been around since the Nets announced playing their last 2 season at the Rock, because they agreed not to attempt to thwart NJ from trying to get another team. I don't think it ever happens....
  14. Bergen County. A few too many Rangers fans for my liking, but I guess the intermingling is what makes the rivalry so great.
  15. Well, I'm officially not getting anymore work done for the rest of the day.
  16. Lou is a god amongst men.
  17. Nice. And can we please edit the thread title so it doesn't say "Janssem?"
  18. Sentimentally it sounds great, but realistically what can he offer the team on the ice?
  19. I remember a couple years ago it was in the Meadowlands, and it was still mostly Mexican fans. As an American and and American soccer fan, that was pretty disgraceful.
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