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  1. What I said was not about the Yankees losing. Who cares... we fvcking won it all last season. This dude is a douchebag and I'm gunna let him know so fvck you dickhead.
  2. First of all... you are getting ONE year of love. Whether you want to accept it or not Cliff Lee is GONE next year. Whether it's with the Mets, the Yankees, The Red Sox, etc Lee will not be wearing Texas colors come spring training.
  3. This team is all different kinds of fvcked right now. I have doubt's about this team pushing .400 at the AS break let alone .500 Talk about going from the high of getting Volchenkov, Kovy, Tallinder, and Arnott during the off-season to going to the low of a bottom feeder team. This sucks bad. Much worse than those early 80's teams. At least those teams didn't have the expectations this talent filled lineup has.
  4. 1.5 million fvcking dollars for that piece of sh!t backup. The equation ain't hard guys If your starting goalie is sh!t, and your backup is sh!t, you're gunna have a sh!tty season. If we are not at least 500 by the 20 game mark I'm done. With the collapse of the Yankees in the ALCS I'm not gunna sit by and watch the Devils slaughter themselves.
  5. I could go for an offensive defensemen. Whether he is offense minded or defense minded I don't care because honestly the rookies are playing with house money right now.
  6. If we get this kind of performance out of the Yanks in Game 6 and win, and get the same performance in game 7 but lose I can live with that vs losing the way we did in games 2, 3, and 4.
  7. Lou is an NHL icon and without him we don't have even a sniff of the Stanley Cup finals in our history let alone have 3 cups in 4 trips. Lou Lams = the difference between one of the most dominant Eastern Conference teams the last 15 years vs the San Jose Sharks of the East.
  8. thegame346


  9. This game 3 isn't a must win but it would really help our comfort zone to pull out a win ESPECIALLY since AJ Trainwreck is on the rubber game 4.
  10. That was their perception before Jersey Shore anyway dude.
  11. My agitation with you Jimmy is that when you post you are not really posting about whatever issue you start with. It's bait. It's bait for us to take and then once we take it THEN you give us the real reason as to why you posted in the first place. Why do all that bullsh!t? You try to get our opinions just to simply turn them around on us, mock them, then proceed to give us your opinion and site because ours is "wrong" according to you that yours MUST be right. Just get to the immediate point of why you are posting. In this case just tell us why you hate Obama and why you think he's underqualified. Stop trying to pull our opinions out of us then go and prepare counterpoints.
  12. 2 goals, 3 assists in 6 games PRO-VALCHUK
  13. I have a serious question. What the hell is the draw of these FPS games? I rented CoD modern warfare from gamefly. Should get here today so I can see what the big fuss is about but honestly at its core it's just another shoot em up. No puzzles, or required thinking to accomplish certain objectives. Just press down the fire button and mow down the enemies in front of you. Furthermore game developers seem to be bending over backwards to appease these single minded, ADHD gamers. They are taking game genres I once loved (like RPGs) and dumbing them down so FPS gamers will buy them. Games are becoming a lot more linear with the focus being online multiplayer instead of single player replayability. I'm honestly getting sick and tired of it. So I want you all to tell me what the hell makes these games so special because the way it looks to me is that these games only appeal because they attract the lowest common denominator of gamers that don't play more difficult games because... quite frankly they are idiots that give up when something is challenging.
  14. Did you start in safe mode and try to remove it manually?
  15. If there is something rotten in the locker room then I think it's Langenbrunner. We may have been told a half truth about what occured with Lemaire last season. When a team has the talent we have and is not performing to expectations it almost always falls on the leadership. If the players don't respect Langs anymore then there is a problem.
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