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  1. They already show the NHL odds during stoppages so that probably won't change.
  2. rpaq88

    GDT: Home Opener- Caps @ Devils 10/11 7:00 PM MSG+

    Erika Wachter‏ @ErikaWachter 5h5 hours ago More Erika Wachter Retweeted New Jersey Devils Important news for fans ahead of tomorrow's home opener! #NJDevils Red Carpet arrival has been rescheduled for Sunday.
  3. rpaq88

    2 Tickets Home Opener Section 132 Row 5

    Erika Wachter‏ @ErikaWachter 5h5 hours ago More Erika Wachter Retweeted New Jersey Devils Important news for fans ahead of tomorrow's home opener! #NJDevils Red Carpet arrival has been rescheduled for Sunday.
  4. rpaq88

    Jared Kushner and the Devils?

    So a commercial real estate finance company made a loan to a real estate development company. Oh the horror! Not everything is a conspiracy just because they met each other. That is how business works my snowflakes. Just look at all the money the Clinton Foundation took in when Crooked Hilary was SOS.
  5. rpaq88

    February 24th Elias night

    According to Ticketmaster there are only 6 regular tickets available. But there are a lot of the "resale" tickets available. Who knows how many of these the Devils or their brokers actually own. Plus it could be a "sell out" and the Devils can still have tickets available. Every game has tickets that are not for sale to the general public that the Devils are required to hold back either for the teams or the NHL. I remember buying playoff tickets on game day once the Devils were allowed to release the hold backs.
  6. rpaq88

    February 24th Elias night

    That''s been my biggest pet peeve this year. Overall I think they have done a pretty good job with the fan experience. But 9,000 is a joke when they have had huge turnouts this season. That's barely 1/2. If they did 12k or 15k fine but 9k is not enough. And I know there are always extras so if you do get shut out contact your rep and they can usually hook you up. I don't mind getting there early but it's tough on weeknight games or when I have my kids with me. If I remember from other jersey ceremonies they pass the mini banners out when you leave.
  7. rpaq88

    Uneasy trend

    That's really the point - we really don't need to review this. The same thing is happening in the NFL. The video review was meant to correct obviously missed or blown calls. To have to watch numerous replays from numerous angles at super slow motion is against the point of the replay system. If it's not obvious from a quick review it shouldn't be overturned.
  8. rpaq88

    Anyone else miss the Meadowlands?

    I miss the tailgating too. But the one thing I don't miss are the people that worked there. They were (mostly) miserable, slow and unfriendly. The people that work at PC have been great. From the guy in the Devil horns and the red contacts to Earl the dancing man and the guy that high fives everyone at the top of the first escalator. The people at the concessions as so nice, they remember you and will have a conversation with you. I moved to a different location and when back to a beer stand I hadn't been too in 2 seasons and the guy working there remembered me. The people that worked at the CAA were as miserable and as drab as the building itself.
  9. rpaq88

    No More Hard Tickets

    Meanwhile the Leafs have awesome season tickets this year. I always love getting the actual tickets as a keepsake.
  10. rpaq88

    No More Hard Tickets

    Just checked stubhub and they still have entire rows (10-12 seats together) for sale. So either someone has figured out how to beat the system or the Devils are playing both sides of the fence. STH's can't use stubhub but they can to unload tickets.
  11. rpaq88

    John Scott - Players Tribute article

    Amazing is the right word. What a great read. I think we all forget sometimes that despite the money and the fame, these guys are people like us. They have wives and kids and they just want to live and be happy and make their family proud.
  12. rpaq88

    Wideman Shoves Linesman: 20 GM Suspension?

    Who are you Vincent LaGuardia Gambini?
  13. Thanks - I've sat there other seasons so I didn't think there was free food but was curious if they updated the selections from the standard junk food they used to sell there. The slider station sounds great and I will check that out!
  14. Has anyone sat in the Goal Bar this year? I have tickets there for tonight's game and was curious about the food selection. Thanks!
  15. rpaq88

    Changes to Prudential Center

    It would happen if there was a big play before a TV timeout. There were more than a few times the crowd would be into it and then they would blast the music for the timeout rather than letting the crowd cheer. Not something that happened every game necessarily but it did happen.

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