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  1. I think it's relative to how close to Philly you are. Mine's perfect.
  2. http://flyers.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp Here we go.
  3. Jagr...duh. No wait! Scott Gomez, into his own net!
  4. Hahahaha! That's great.
  5. Modano's in no matter what. JR will get inducted more due to his popularity. Tkachuk and Weight? No way.
  6. He's just making DP feel better...
  7. Agreed 100%. As long as they're the Seattle Sparks.
  8. I don't get it, honestly. Towes played 64 games in the NHL, and they make him captain? Crosby wasn't made captain until he had a whole season in the NHL. Even though there aren't many candidates for captain on the Blackhawks, they could've given it to a more experienced player. They could give it to Campbell actually, since he's been around the NHL and is going to be in Chicago for a while. I'm sure Chicago has a valid reason for making Towes captain...right?
  9. Sculpture-y. It looks like a rockey player more than a hockey player. Get it? Rocky? Hockey? Haaaa?
  10. I bet Melrose could figure out what team Sid's on. It would take a few tries though.
  11. No offense, but the lines you have for Pittsburgh are waaaay off. I'm a pens fan as well as a devils fan, and those lines are not going to happen. It's more like: Satan-Crosby-Fedotenko Sykora-Malkin-Dupuis Talbot-Staal-Pesonen Cooke-Beech-Kennedy Scratch Godard Gonchar-Orpik Whitney-Letang Gill-Scuderi Scratch Eaton, trade Sydor (possibly for Vermette from Ottawa). And then there's Fleury and Sabu. And if Pesonen is worthwhile, he'll move to the top two lines. The Pens aren't in that much danger since they signed their core and they can work around it. If they fall in the standings, it won't be 8th place. In 09-10, when Gonchar and Staal's contracts are up, they may fall in the standings if they don't resign them.
  12. ME TOO!!1!!!1!1!11! Nice letter, glad the Devils organization responded to it. Bravo.
  13. This is absolutely....FABULOUS!
  14. yahdevs56


    I forgot where I heard it from, but aren't the Flyers having trouble with cap space? But dumping Asham on them isn't a bad move on our part.
  15. Think about it. Satan scored 16 goals with the Islanders last season...with Crosby as his center, he could easily get twice that.
  16. Seriously, kids these days ...You're supposed to hop the fences and then grab on to the passengers legs to hijack the ride. Not the other way around!
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