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  1. Classy move by Lou to get marty's son
  2. Better than I thought when he skated off. We went 5-1 without him last year because other players stepped up. We need a group effort here and we will be okay. Just need to win 2 out of every 3.
  3. He's quickly becoming a fan favorite
  4. Steven A. Smith was asked this morning on Sportscenter which streak was more impressive, the Blackhawks 22 games with a point to start the season or the Miami Heat winning 14 straight. He then proceeded to rant that the heat was more impressive because hockey has "ties" Clearly he has not been paying any attention to the NHL. He does say atleast that he "respects" the hockey guys but does not like ties. What do you guys think?
  5. More TG "Lamoriello said that Josefson's play had dropped off recently and that they want him to go to Albany and get his confidence back."
  6. Glad to have him back! Love our depth we are starting to have at forward again.
  7. Larsson looked fantastic tonight! I think Stevens is really helping him out in practice and off the ice to help him really understand how to be an all star D-man in this league. Butler looked great tonight! Josefson will go on a streak I feel once he gets a goal. Kovy is fine and just in a slump, we know he will start scoring. Marty and the PK were both fantastic tonight and the main reasons we won. Keep it going Devils!
  8. HUGE Win! Team needs some practice before tuesday though. Time to spank the rangers. Use this for confidence and come out firing tuesday night! Lets Go Devils!!!!
  9. AWESOME WIN TONIGHT! wasn't our best game but a win is a win!
  10. Lets remind the flyers of their misery in this building from the spring by dominating them tonight! LETS GO DEVILS!!!!!
  11. Solid way to start the season with a win. I think Tedenby played excellent tonight. He was hard on the forecheck and set up some good plays and had an assist. Matteau looked good but need to see more of him. Seems like tuesday will be his kind of game. Marty was Marty. Kovy Zajac Zubrus seemed to have some good chemistry which is good for us.
  12. We needed to lock Zajac up. Top line centers are hard to come by. Him, Henrique, and JJ as our top 3 centers for years to come makes me very excited
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