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  1. Maybe. Lou still might be trying to upgrade the D. I think when Sundin Finally signs then you might see some more trades. We might have something in the works with Vancover, but we are playing the waiting game. As of right now we have about $2.2 in cap and VV is probabaly gone or demoted, so that frees up $1.8. So we have $4 million in cap space. The only thing I question is if everyone thinks Bergfors is ready then where will he play? Unless you trade a Winger all our spots on the first two lines are taken. Unless you drop Lagenbrunner to the 3rd line and Pando to the 4th? I looks liek this. Sorry Mike Rupp odd man out! Gionta-Rolston-Elias Parise-Zajac-Bergfors Zubrus-Madden-Lagenbrunner Pando-Holik-Clarkson
  2. I want Vrana and Bergfors making the team before this guy. If Federov can play well in camp then it is a bonus and we can throw him on the 4th line instead of RUPP. I hightly doubt he makes the team. IMO. Where would he fit anyway? This line-up is pretty deep unless we trade someone. Parise-Rolston-Elias Gionta-Zajac-Lagenbrunner Pando-Madden-Zubrus Clarkson-Holik-Rupp Reserves: Bergfors/Vrana I have high hopes for either Salmela, Corrente, or Eckford. I think one of these guys will make the team and be a good puck moving D-guy we needed.
  3. Zajac is only 23 and the kid just had a down season. I expect him to get better and rebound. Bergfors is only 21 and we have no idea what his potential is. These two guys are young and are the future of the Devs. Gionta is 29 and a FA next year. (I doubt we keep him)- we all know how crazy FA is. If anything GIO will be traded if we need a missing piece on D. IMO.
  4. Here you go. Nj.com http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2008/07..._prospects.html Article: N.J. Devils warm up to prospects by Colin Stephenson/The Star-Ledger Monday July 21, 2008, 7:16 PM Lou's quote is about half way in the article. This is where it came from.
  5. "We've added two players, in Bobby Holik and Brian Rolston, and certainly we're looking for a defenseman or two to come in and play -- or push somebody -- and then we'll see what happens from there." Lamoriello said the three players who could most likely challenge for a spot in training camp are defensemen Anssi Salmela, Matthew Corrente and Tyler Eckford." I guess this means LOU is done and expects one of these guys on D to make an impact and make the team? I guess LOU wants to see what he has with the lines and D before he makes a trade. I hope we get a nice suprise from one of these guys and become a puck moving d- guy we need. Salmela fits the mold of that, but Eckford has really impressed with his progress and he might be ready.
  6. Wed Oct 22, 2008 Stars @Devils 7:00 PM ET YES, I am def going to this game Avery vs. Holik. Believe me this game will be a very fisty game. i would like to see Brodeur's reaction if Avery parks himself in front of the net. This isn't a playoff game and we will go after him.
  7. Does anyone really believe Єklund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate) on HockeyBuzz? I mean all BS if you ask me. Vancover interested in Gionta is total BS because LOU never lets anyone know what he is doing and nothing every leakes out! Anything rumored on anysite involving the Devils is total BS. (Only source I can see reputable is TSN). I remember one site last year said we had Souray signed it's done! and it was BS. I forgot the site because I was so disgusted and I never went back to it. Єklund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate) is just as bad and I rarely visit him. Only time I go on HB is to read the Sam Woo Blogs and Roger M blogs for the Devils that's it. E5 this, and E3 this is so dumb at time. Like the most recent one SUNDIN waiting on the NY Rangers OK??? Yeah Rangers can sign him after they dump Gomez. LOL! The Rangers have like $1 million in cap.
  8. Very good post. Too much change is sometimes not the greatest thing. I really feel the Rangers had something with Avery and Jagr. Avery was a different player in NY and really too his game to the next level. Sometimes the best moves are none at all. I really don't care about the Rags because I think they have gotten worse. Avery and Jagr played very well against us and now they are gone. I take this zherdev guy and Naslund anyday. YOUNGER doens't always mean better. I hate it when people say Rolston is old. Yeah he is 35, but he is a proven leader and a 30+ goal scorer. - Nuff said.
  9. To say we get a C+ is dumb. We didn't lose anyone of our CORE players and added one of the TOP FAs 16 other teams were bidding for. Holik is a throw in, but he still upgrades our 4th line center + depth at checking center + faceoffs. IMO, LOU has added Rolston, Holik, Salvador, Anissi Salmela(I think he will suprise us). We lost Brylin and Asham. I say we get a SOLID B at least. C+ goes to the Islanders, Penguins(Who lost a ton of depth and character). Rangers get a B- because IMO, Avery was the heart and soul of that team, and Jagr was still a force. They wanted ot get younger, but at what price!
  10. Does anyone know what Bieska makes? What is his cap hit and when is his contract up? IMO, I would do this trade. Bieska is 27 and a good D -guy that has a right handed shot on the PP. He was injured last year, but score 12 goals the year before. If we can shed salar, pick up Bieska.(I saw someone said Bieska and a 4th round pick for Gionta. Who knows. If that happens we will have cap room and Lou can also dump VV. Maybe LOU can pick up another winger through FA or trade. Martin-Oduya Salvador- Bieska White-Mottau. Very good 6 pairing IMO...
  11. Agreed. Everyone wants us to waste picks on a goalie. Brodeur has at least 4 years left and by that time I am sure LOU will make a trade or sign an UFA goalie to start taking more games from Brodeur. Eventually when Brodeur leaves I see us having two capable goalies on this team. Brodeur is an unique exception. YOu will rarely see going forward goalies playing 8+ seasons of 70 games.. There will never be another Brodeur!
  12. Tedenby sounds like a steal at 24! This reminds me of the time we drafted Parise I knew he was going to be good. I have the same feeling about this kid. I say by 2010 he will be in our line-up.
  13. I think what he is trying to say is that GIO is not the "impact player" we all made him out to be. Yes, he scored 20+ goals and was third on the team in scoring, but everything aside where was he at the end of the season and playoffs? IMO, Zubrus made big strides at the end of the year and during the playoffs. Even though Zubrus had one assist, he was a beast out there in the playoffs and mainly all devil fans saw a huge difference in his performance.I noticed him mainly every shift. Where was GIO? He needs a center to "raise" his game. Come on that's weak. With the Addition of Rolston, a more maturing Zajac, a healthly lagenbrunner at the start of the season, and a better season from Zubrus I say yes we can replace the contributions offensively that GIO has made. If we lose impact players like Elias or Parise then this offense would crumble. That is a fact. If we lose GIO I think others can step up ..no problem. To say GIO didn't give his all is ridiculous. I think he worked VERY hard, but his work ethic and impact was a non-factor for us and he really went under the radar. Even in the playoffs, its not like the Rangers had their top checking line against GIO to shut him down and he still couldn't produce. I think that is a sign. Trade him now. I definetly don't want to take the RISK of him losing even more value if the season goes on and 25 games in he has 7 goals. What kind of value do you think he will have then? Most Devil fans will be pissed that LOU didn't trade him in the summer. I say he is a proven 20+ goal scorer, so let's trade him with that value he has now. This is all very funny. Watch GIO have 35+ goals this season and 75 points and you can go tell me how stupid i sounded wanting to trade him LOL! Still I highly doubt it. Trade him now LOU. We need a better Defense.
  14. I understand and you make very good points as well. I like GIO, but realistically changes still need to be made to this team. If anyone thinks Holik and Rolston are going to be te answers to winning a cup then come on. I think it improves our current roster, but our D is still very suspect. We now have 2 legitamite scoring lines with the addition of Rolston. I think we can get good value for GIO. I think people are underestimating his worth because their are few teams that are in dire need of O and will overpay to get GIO. If we can get a good young D-guy for GiO, like a Seabrook than do it. It's a lose -lose keeping GIO..My point is I am tired of OUR FAs walking and we get nothing in return. Gomez, Rafalski, and now possibly GIO. It is a big risk either way to keep GIO why? If he has a great 30+ goal season is LOU going to pay him $5 million+ and you know how FA is and people will overbid and we get nothing. (Also if GIO is having a great year we are not moving him at the Trade D.) On the other hand, If GIO has a crappy year we get crap at the trade deadline to improve this team. Also Oduya will be a FA next year and LOU will concentrate more on signing him.(Big Raise) Lou has taken the steps in the right direction. If we can get value and improve our Defense for now + the Long haul then yes I say trade GIO. With the current roster and no upgrade to our D do I think we can win the cup, not really. We need a bit more on the blueline to be successful- IMO I feel with the players added in FA, GIO roles can be filled.
  15. Again, people are ONLY looking at numbers. Rolston is a HUGE upgrade for this team and upgrades everything from our PP, to HAVING balanced scoring lines. Last year we had two people that played consistently on O Elias with Parise. They were our only scoring threat. After that WHY did our team struggle? Because we had no one to anchor the second line as a legit center. I don't care how good your wingers are, if you have a crappy centerman that can't create your wingers are going to stink. Zubrus as down as people are on him. He was one of our better players in the playoffs and if he had someone that could put the puck in the net on his line, he would have done well. Zubrus brings size and grit and with Rolstons speed and better playmaking ability it will make a good line w/ Lagenbrunner. What impact did GIO have in the playoffs? i didn't even notice him. Also why do we need GIO on the PP to tip shots in? We now have either Zubrus and Holik -two big boys that have that role now. Again, GIO can be replaced by other players this year. We still need to bolster our D-core which is more important that keeping GIO IMO. We have 4 good wingers in Zubrsu, Zajac, Parise, Lagenbrunner for our TOP 2 scoring lines. GIO is expendable.
  16. I also wanted to add another reason why i feel GIONTA is expendable is because of Zubrus. Many people put ZUBS on the third line, but did LOU sign this guy NOT to be a TOP six forward on this team? I think with the addition of Rolston it gives us a second option at center and Zubrus can play wing with him. Where does that leave GIO? I know people are down on Zubrus, but he should have a bounce back year. If Zubrus of the Rangers series shows up this year and plays with Rolston, he will be a force and score 20+ goals. The lines should be as such. Parise-Elias-Zajac Zubrus-Rolston-Lagenbrunner Where does that leaves GIO? 4 million dollars for a 3rd line player? That is why I feel he is expendable. I would like to keep him, but we have to shed cap space and still bolster our D. IMO, i say trade GIO now. Everyone is saying contract year and he will do well. What happens if we keep him and say 25 games in he has 7 goals and 5 assists and looks like the GIO of this year. Then what? We wouldn't get anything in value at the trade deadline. I say trade him now because he will bring back something good in a trade. I am not willing to take a RISK on him having a BAD or sub-par season again. Let's get something for him now.
  17. This team needs a shake-up from last year. Yes, we added Rolston and Holik, and now have Salvador for a full year, but we need a bit more. I would like to give Bergfors a chance. We need to give our younger guys a shot. Gio has been on the decline every since his 48 goal season. IMO, the addition of Rolston and bringing up Bergfors/Vrana makes GIO expendable. Look at it this way who else can be traded on this team for a decent puck moving d-guy. i would not give up on Zajac either. the kid has potential and it was alot to ask him last year to anchor the second line. I predict he will score 20+ goals this year..
  18. $$BigTime$$


    Absolutely sucked all year, He had one FLUKE 2 goal game in Ottawa and provided nothing else for this team. Waste of Space! Why Sutter didn't GIVE Vrana a shot last year is beyong me. At the end of the season they should have brought the kid up for a few games and benched bum Asham. I think it would have made him more confident coming into this year to make the squad.
  19. Honestly, we are not getting BOUWMEESTER. This board is talking about getting this guy and we all know it won't come true. I think he will clear cap and make a trade to get a young puck moving d-guy who makes around $2.5-$3 million a year. Maybe even a veteran. All i know is that when everyone is saying LOU needs to do this it never happens. Sad but true. Who knows. Maybe Corrente is ready to step in and play with Salvador. He has had strong camps before and almost made the team last year. A year later he might as well crack the line-up. Martin- Oduya Salvador- Corrente White-Mottau
  20. $$BigTime$$


    I hope we get to play the Dallas Stars at home in 2008. I want to see HOLIK run over Avery just one time and pound him to a pulp! I know we played Dallas this year so we are probably not going to play the Stars unless away from The ROCK. Still I hope we do!
  21. I agree. I feel when you rip out CORE players like Avery, Jagr that hurts a team. If the Rangers kept those two guys and added this talent around Avery and Jagr then yes they would be a really good team and a scary team. I feel we are in alot better shape this year because we didn't lose key guys and added good players to this team.
  22. I agree. People have to stop looking at "age". I think it is totally ridculous. Look at the gain/loss as you stated HUGE upgarde. Both guys we lost were 4th liners. We gained a TOP six forward in Rolston and a 3rd/4th line player in Holik has more intagibles than the team lacked last year(size, face off man, agitator, leadership, etc) As far as i'm concerend LOU has done a great job this offseason and i feel he will add 1 more D guy. Also the signing of Salvador is overlooked. He only played with us for 8 regular season games and wasn't 100% in the playoffs. Now I would like to see him here a full year which I think will be a big improvement + he brings leadership as well. So look at the loss/gain on D. Rachunek is gone, Salvador is in That's an upgrade as well.
  23. Wow! Why would you sign Naslund for a 2-year contract, but let Jagr walk. That was a dumb move by Glenn. Also letting Avery go was a bad move. The Rangers team is young, very little leadership besides drury, and no Toughness. Right now they are a very soft team.
  24. I would be shocked if LOU is done for the offseason. The way we lost to the Rangers in the playoffs, LOU stated that there would be changes and a shake-up. If you think signing Rolston and Holik is the shake-up think again. The defense one of the worst performances in the playoffs i have seen since the Ottawa series back a few years. If signing Salvador is the answer good luck. We need more on D. A bunch of #6-#7 D-guy we have too many. Let me count. VV, Mottau, Brookbank, Andy Greene, Fraser, maybe Corrente - So you are talking almost 6 guys for 1 spot .. way to many. Our D- Ranks #1-Martin, #2- Oduya, #3-?(Trade coming), #4- Salvador, #5 Colin White - #6- Mottau I agree we are prob done on O. Rolston gives us flexibility with the 2 TOP lines. Something we didn't have last yea because Zajac regressed as our #2 center. LOU is not done in my eyes. It's a good start, but we still need to cut some dead weight!
  25. I understand VV played games in the playoffs, but you missed my point. Greene was Sutter's First Choice to play against the Rags series. VV sat the first two games. VV then became an option when we went down 2 games to none. For a guy who signed last summer, we all thought he was much more than the role he had last year. There was a reason why he was in Sutter's dog house.
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