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  1. I've never seen him this bad, it's painfully obvious he's been told to kiss the Flyers ass every chance he gets.
  2. Why do we not have a "Tortsie" chant in our building, or some other chant mocking Torts. You can see he despises the Devils. It seems very easy to get that lose cannon bent out of shape. On top of that, the last thing he wants is attention brought to him.
  3. I wouldn't compare the Rangers to the Bruins. The Rangers are in the same pack as the rest of the teams. I think it's obvious how similar they are to recent Devils teams, who focused on minimizing mistakes and capitalizing on opportunities. They are a solid team, but very beatable. I think the Devils need another physical defenseman who can chip in offensivelly, plus a 4th line which can contribute. I hate ference on the Bruins, but that guy would make this team better. I liked Mills, Jansen and zalewski today. It would be great if they could play like that all the time, except add a few pts here and there.
  4. He should not be playing against the Rangers. These are all crucial points. Devils shouldn't be losing games like that in regulation. 1st goal, I can't blame on Brodeur, but that second goal just shouldn't happen. Anyway, Larsson played awesome again today.
  5. Where have they been ranked in taking penalties in comparison? Maybe teams know to play a disciplined game vs the Devils.
  6. Rinne is really the largest reason Nashville is winning.
  7. Give Nashville credit on executing, but both goals are on the refs. Terrible call on Clarkson. Also terrible call on the penalty shot, despite not scoring. Devils were definitelly the better team until the B.S.
  8. Yay! He deserves it. Now sign long term in January!
  9. I think he's referring to doing too much/leading to giveaways. I don't know what else he would be referring to. Nothing wrong with acknowledging that.
  10. Stralman just made it obvious why he won't make the team. That was absolutely awful.
  11. I didn't think Stralman played a bad game other than that Jagr goal. It was the only time I saw him make a mistake. While Larson looks like the best offensive defenseman on the team, I saw him make 2-3 big positional mistakes that lead to odd man chances and one that was almost a breakaway. I think Larson will make the team for his offensive abilities right now; not really for his ability to be sound defensivelly. At times he looks great defensively, but he looks like he needs to get used to some things first. I thought Kovalchuk was absolutely terrible tonight. Some may disagree, but I thought he dragged that line down. He had to have doubled anyone on the team in turnovers. I'm starting to become very disappointed in his inconsistancy. Even when Parise has an off game offensively, he always plays sound in the other two zones. I also think Parise and Elias need Zubrus on that line. He's big, can protect the puck, and is a decent playmaker. Plus I think we might be able to get some scoring depth from Sykora on the 3rd line. From what I've seen from Henrique, He looks ready to do some damage, but I don't know who his wingers would be. Clarkson, Sykora, and Tedenby are all possibles. It will be interesting to see who makes up that 3rd line. Overall, not bad, but losses are never really good. I think it's important that this team wins the next two games, no matter who is in the line-up. This team has shown that they can have confidence issues. Losing is not something they want to get used to.
  12. Hopefully that isn't the norm for Brodeur. Team looked awesome. I don't think Palms was as bad as everyone is saying. He was a physical prescence on the line, but didn't add much more than that. Really excited about the team.
  13. So far, the one big negative in this game is Brodeur. Brodeur looked absolutely awful on the 3rd goal Josefeson!!
  14. Seemed like he had a few more details on the Devils financial situation. I wasn't sure if the deal thing was an exaggeration after screwing up the initial post of the Devils going bankrupt. Hopefully the banks allow them to refinance.
  15. Question for you guys. Normally if you default on a loan for a car, you are still responsible for the car, but you cannot sell the car until the loan is payed off. I was just wondering if this would hold up the sale of Vanderbeek's co-owner's share of the team?
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