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  1. Sorry for having an opinion. Yea, would you like to buy one of the pennants from the opening night of Devils hockey against the Penguins? I was a Philly fan before the Devs came to town, remember the "sweatpants" they used to wear? If I was a frontrunner, I would still be rooting for Philly and not have season tickets for NJ. Please, just because I have 16 posts, I shouldn't be considered a frontrunner. And, how long have the Devils not been in front?
  2. I meant to injury. I heard something about a high ankle sprain last night.
  3. No offense, but he is 39. If Lou would consider that, why doesn't he just ask Chico to suit up? He can trade in the rug for a mask. Please strike that last statement from the record.
  4. Sorry guys, just annoyed and upset about last nights game and the possibility of losing Parise. Mods, you can delete this. I am done arguing. I will be a good boy from now on........
  5. I see that both of Boston's goalies, Tim Thomas and Manny Fernandez are in a contract year. What do you think if Lou made a serious bid for one of them until Marty gets back, and then pick a goalie in the 1st round in the draft?
  6. Clown, please see post #628040 and tell me what you think now. You obviously didn't read my post from a week ago or you would have had some bird brain answer......
  7. This post was started because I was called a moron for asking back in July who do we have in the minors that is at or close to playing in the NHL on a full time basis. I don't think Weeks is the answer, not then and not now. He is a great backup goalie, but not starter quality in my eyes(see Billington) LL hasn't drafted a decent goalie since Brodeur, and please don't say Ahonen, have you seen his minor league numbers?
  8. Happy to say, it's not you. You seem like you have a brain between your ears.
  9. Just wondering if you remember this from post #628040: "what do u mean farm... we have kevin weekes moron" So, how do you feel about that comment now that he is the #1 goalie? To me, and God I hope I am wrong, it looks like we are going to get a higher than usual draft pick this year. I am glad to hear that he should be 100% by February. I hope Weeks can last that long as a #1
  10. Who will be the best d-man? Martin Who will be the best scoring d-man? Martin Who will be the best Forward? Madden Who will be the best scorer? Elias Who will be the most important player? Marty Who will be the biggest surprise? Corrente (dissapointing surprise) Who will be the best rookie? In terms of points or performance? Corrente Who will be the captain? Elias, Langenbrunner & Madden Who will be traded? Before the season? Brian Gionta for a real backup goalie and a draft pick Which rookies will play more than 5 games? Bergfors, Corrente, Vrana What silverware will the devils or devil
  11. I think this fan just burst a blood vessel in his brain. You have to calm down. In 2000, I was in my glory. The Yankees won the WS, The Rams won the SB and the Devils won the SC. Ya know what happened the very next day after all 3 of the victories? I got up and went to work because I am not on any of their payrolls. Ya see, I look at it this way. I am a fan paying season ticket prices for the Yanks (Partial) and the Devils (Full). I want to see the best possible product on the field/ice for my hard earned money. I am sorry for starting this post, it has turned into a fvcking disaster! I under
  12. The sad part is, he most likely will put up incredible numbers due to the fact that he is in the last year of his contract. Sign with someone else, probably a non contender with cash to spare and end up like Gomez, a second tier player making big bucks. Done posting for today.
  13. Sounds like a plan. Sorry to ALL!! I didn't mean to open a family sized can of worms. I do agree that LL thinks................... Nevermind. BTW, I am a Devils fan, always have been and always will be.
  14. Thanks, I didn't mean to come here as a "newbie" and start bashing. I just get disgusted seeing teams like NYR and DET making "good" signings and trades and the Devils playing runner up again. I mean, look at Detroit, they are the equivilent of the Patriots. Overloaded with talent and still under the cap. Thanks again.
  15. I can name at least 5 backup golaies much better than Weeks. The question was posed because Weeks cannot handle the load that Marty can. So, if Marty goes down, who is in the farm to replace him. Below please find his 07-08 stats: GP: 9 Wins:2 Losses: 2 OTL: 1 GA: 17 GAA: 2.97 Hardly worthy of starting 40 games, never mind 77. Signed, The Moron
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