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  1. In other news, Zubrus is on pace for 164 assists.
  2. I really hope TG gets a bunch of pictures. You guys think video might be a possibility?
  3. The only people were lost were Brian Gionta and John Madden and everyone is flipping a sh!t. Rolston and Clarkson will get increased playing time (Mostly Rolston) to fill in for Gio and combine that with what Bergfors can do and that is fine as a replacement for Gionta. Madden was our third line defensive specialist... Who cares? Finally we can play our top two lines more. ZZPops will just get more ice time. The third line will obviously play we just won't have to line match witch was one of the reasons we lost in the playoffs last year.
  4. I can't believe he said Pando and not Elias...
  5. And what the hell has Zubrus, Salvador, and Rolston done to deserve a letter? I'm pretty sure Zach can defend him; just because he doesn't go out of his way to act tough doesn't mean he can't.
  6. Let see, Minnesota has Saku's brother and we have some random Finnish goon... I wonder where Saku is going to want to play.
  7. +100 I think everyone should read this post again. Especially the bolded part.
  8. Can't say I want you for 5m but I still loved you as a player and wish you luck. You were one of the better players on our team this post season LOL AT HABS FIRST LINE Gio (5m) Gomez (7.5m) Camalleri (6m) Average height: 5'9
  9. This may not be the best quote but you guys are acting crazy. Did you honestly expect us to sign some huge name? Seriously....
  10. Well PL3 better be ready to fight a lot...
  11. Ok things are really slowing down. When do we hear about TravTrav?
  12. I wouldn't be dissapointed with Betts. Obviously he would have (and fvcking better) play a lot less minutes than Madden. But he would be great for our PK and he was one of the few that was always praised as a hardworker on the Rags.
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