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  1. handofdoom

    College Nights

    this is cool and all...but four games...against the thrashers, coyotes, avalanche, and the panthers. gee whiz don't give us TOO much. i'll probably end up getting them anyway
  2. if you all haven't noticed, there is no god. the only team more of a fraud then the phillies were the brewers, and now you skip the best team in the NL because they laid a BIG FAT EGG in the post-season. phils/bosox in the world series and i will not watch one second of it.
  3. comrie fought with his helmet and visor on. PUSSYYYYyyy
  4. valliquette is better than jerk henrik anyway edit- lol at the fa.ggot word filter
  5. damn im going to this game to see a little bit of rolston/holik and laugh at naslund/redden. guess that's not happening. oh well let's go devils!
  6. after this why don't they do a documentary on how the rangers couldn't beat the devils for seven years straight. just to keep with the scheme of things of pro-rangers, joe micholleti (sp?) can do the commentary of how none of the games were the rags fault, but poor officiating, and dumb luck in the devils fortune. ALL HAIL THE NEW YORK RANGERS...HEY, AT LEAST THEY'RE NOT THE KNICKS!
  7. handofdoom

    Is it just me..

    wow, what an ugly bastard
  8. from reading more into it, this is actually a correct statement. oh well, when the real 3rd jerseys come out soon, we can make a new official thread about it.
  9. i bet the canadiens' CAC jersey flys off the shelves because those kids who like to wear those ridiculously crazy printed shirts (we've all seen them) that have the same design 100x all over the shirt will wear it and match it with an equally ridiculous hat. it's canada, so i can imagine they wear hockey jerseys like people wear football jerseys here
  10. 3rd jerseys there are a lot of threads about how much third jerseys suck, so i figured once i found this link i would make just one thread about it. discuss how much they suck here
  11. ...why would you want to watch some team get drubbed 82-0? the game must have taken 3+ hours with all the stoppages
  12. handofdoom

    NHL 09

    cool dude alert
  13. this is great for him and all..but this makes me wonder...what the hell kind of hockey is being played in russia right now? how are other players like jagr doing there? he must have about 100 goals by now lol
  14. with not using any of the new bullpen pitchers in this series, do you think manuel wants to use them in their big league debuts in the philly series? i would use them as a back-up plan if the bullpen implodes over the rest of the season. i hope that's what jerry's thinking too...
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