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  1. goto the in n out by hollywood high and have a burger and relax. then goto the shop up the street right next to the world record shop and get a mug for 3 bucks. =)
  2. i like you. your post was very positive and on topic. why dont you start a new GREAT topic that we can all enjoy?
  3. i think we have a great team, great meaning at least top of our division. I dont believe we have enought to make the cup and i don't believe we will for another few years. UNLESS our top players actually play. what happened to elias? he used to be so good, i know he got hep, but still. Gionta did well in some games not most. Marty did great i wont sh!t talk him. pando was great. oduya was great even though most of this board hates him. white is done in my eyes. we have a great team its just doesnt flow at all. no one scored, marty was on the line all the time. i wish its as easy as it seems,
  4. ilovepancakes


    see ya!!! thanks for all the great times(lol)!!
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