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  1. Joe Mic gave a nice farewell for the DEVS... thanks
  2. Good coaching, scouting, briefing, by the Bolts for the series. The Oldies and Ogres need to go from the DEVS... that's on top of signing 4 new defensemen in the offseason
  3. Mueller has no idea about puck location or positional play... holy shlt his game needs major improvements
  4. Why are the point D playing so far back? All the Bolts were down low... move in D!
  5. Looking at the way the Bolts are playing in their own zone... they are anticipating exactly what the DEVS are going to do. Their scouting/coaching relaying accurately
  6. Y O Y do these DEV defensemen try clearing around the boards only to result in a direct turnover to the point.
  7. WTF Moore... check that Beeatch into the CoorsLight sign... don't fumble around the crease.
  8. Yep... totally BS officiating, this is what is ruining the game. Blatant Penalty after the NON charging call, leaving his feet.
  9. Looks like Shero is going to have to throw the checkbook at John Carlson, at least Carlson can shoot the puck on net... AND just inside the posts. So badly needed on this MIA backend.
  10. I don't think so... some of our best scoring chances have come shorthanded. but I wouldn't want to do that all game. lol
  11. Hey I was posting for trading down and taking Mico Ratanen... how that would of turned out.
  12. Zacha and Strome are the biggest disappointments of the 1st round 2015 draft, look at all the talent taken after them.
  13. Tampa is always putting 2 players deep when the puck is below the Devs goal line, esp when behind the goal.
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