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  1. Is there any way to do that on this site? I don't see it in the settings unless I missed something.
  2. If Lou was going to risk him on waivers why did they even bother to assign him a lower number?
  3. Kovaltraitor just went from one of my favorite guys on the team to my most hated guys of all time. Even more than Parise or Gomez. Talent wise it sucks to lose him but the Devils don't need guys like that on the team. Good riddance.
  4. That Harri Pesonen signing is looking really sweet now. Let's hope he can surprise.
  5. Elias is 36, I don't think giving him the C would be the reason if his play dropped.
  6. I see this Parise thread won't have the happy ending the Kovy one did.
  7. This may be a stupid question but would the Red Wings go after him? They've had luck with older goalies in the past. This news is making me sick.
  8. The entire 4th line should be brought back. They played well and I'm not gonna kill the guy for bad officiating.
  9. I assume you're talking about Colorado. I agree to an extent but I just feel we got screwed by the refs this entire finals, plus Colorado had a great team.....the Kings I'm not impressed with even if they did just win the cup.
  10. This loss hurts more than the one against Colorado. Still not as bad as the one against Carolina. Congrats to the Devils on a great year. I've never been prouder of this team despite how it ended.
  11. What an emotional roller coaster of a year. I love it! 4 more wins!!
  12. She's from Jersey(don't judge me). edit: I take that back. I might be thinking of someone else. Although I could have sworn I read she lived there. It's been many years. I'm afraid to google it cause someone might walk in and then I have to try and explain why I'm looking up a adult film star.
  13. Do we have a name for this 4th line? I think it needs a name.
  14. Liking what TG tweeted. Gives a bit of confidence about tonight.
  15. As long as nobody boos Jason Arnott.
  16. After every loss there are a lot of members of the whine club on here.
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