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  1. Trade Proposal

    i can't wait to watch him this year. he's one of my favorites, too.
  2. Marleau stripped of captaincy

    no, i wouldn't consider the stars nearly as bad a matchup as the ducks were last year. if you don't think they were absurdly good for an 8th seed, you're dreaming. and yeah, the sharks still should have beaten them. marleau is no more tradeable than joe or nabby. they, along with boyle, all have ntc's. nabby has said he would waive his. i doubt patty would. guess who the nhl players voted most underrated player in the league? oh right... patrick marleau. i'm not deifying the guy, but i get sick of him being the subject of trade rumors. he's one of the few on the team who ISN'T the problem. um... no, clowe was very good the season before, especially in the playoffs. this season, he played timidly. we all want to see the fiery clowe from 07-08 again.
  3. Marleau stripped of captaincy

    i do care who they played. it was an awful matchup. aside from that, there were weak links all over the place: nabby, the ineffective pp, etc. but who scored the gwg's in the two games the sharks won against anaheim? patrick marleau. if you dump patty and acquire heatley, you have a better goal-scorer... that's it. would it help the pp? probably. but patty is invaluable on the pk, and is defensively responsible. who's going to be defensively responsible on a heatley-thornton-setoguchi/cheechoo line? yeah i left out michalek. michalek/cheechoo and murray/ehrhoff are the likely trade-bait. clowe isn't trade-bait, i don't think, but he's a tad overpaid... i haven't been impressed with him in a while, but i'll gladly retract the sentiment if he proves himself this year.
  4. Trade Proposal

    this. marleau necessitates a pretty large return. error is fairly valuable, especially on the pp. if you want to pick off sharks, go for the likely trade-bait: cheechoo, michalek, murray, ehrhoff (but not in combo with another highly-skilled player).
  5. Marleau stripped of captaincy

    some would also say it's a mistake to blow up a team that won the presidents trophy. anaheim was the dumbest eight-seed in nhl history. they were the worst match-up the sharks could have gotten. they took detroit to 7 games. they had two of the best defensemen in the nhl and a goalie playing like superman. san jose needs tweaks to the roster, not a blow-up. there's not much they can get in return that makes losing marleau's talent okay. patty's one of the few consistent playoff performers on the team (unlike thornton), and he's as solid defensively as he is offensively. he's actually underpaid, in my opinion. he's not the salary that needs to be shed. there are others making more than they deserve (cheech, murray, maybe clowe).
  6. Marleau stripped of captaincy

    many of the idiot fans will be appeased by a change of captaincy (but a band-aid doesn't stop choking last i checked), so i think either they'll hand the c to thornton (dumb), boyle (meh), pavelski (too soon), or blake (i'm ok with that one actually), or they'll give it right back to patty at the end of camp and then they can say, "see? we made him earn it this time... now shut your holes." i doubt patty get traded. patty seems unlikely to be willing to waive his ntc. he's got a wife and 2 kids, he's played for one team his whole life, and he's likely to sign at a bit of discount next year, which the sharks would be dumb not to take advantage of. he's a private guy and would probably hate moving to a team like montreal (which is where a lot of the trade rumors put him), where he'll be under a media microscope. most teams would have to give up too much to get him anyway. i'd like to have heatley, but not at the cost of patty. send ottawa cheech/milan, murray, and a pick/prospect, and it's all good, but bryan murray seems to be asking a bit much and not understanding that he's in a precarious position and needs to unload heater. i guess we'll see what happens.
  7. If You Were Lou: Second Line Center

    hey dudes. long time no talk. hope you're enjoying your summer of disappointment as much as i am. here's my take on goc: servicable, not particularly gritty (which is why he's gone from sj) third or fourth line center. probably nothing more. he's very fast, but can't really finish. he's great on the pk, and he was the sharks' best faceoff man. but a "faceoff/pk specialist" is hardly going to make most 2nd lines. there's a reason he's still out there. he's more or less a 1st round bust, but he still belongs in the nhl. he also probably thinks he's worth more than he is... he filed for arbitration last season. he's pretty entertaining on the internets though... he wrote a blog for the sharks website and his observations on his life in broken english were pretty hilarious. he's also dynamite on the psp on plane rides apparently. edit: he was the 4th line center in sj, by the way... 4th to 2nd is kind of a stretch, but i could see him on the 3rd line of most teams.
  8. GDT 4/28 Carolina vs New Jersey-Game 7.

    i am a patsy. i am not resisting arrest! i am not resisting arrest! sorry guys. lame.
  9. Charlemagne...

  10. Charlemagne...

    thanks. hey, maybe i'll even throw on that little free white devils hat they gave me when i came to see the goal-fest between the sharks and devs this year. (probably not... but i will find something red to wear... is there a difference between devils red and canes red?)
  11. Charlemagne...

    i don't think the problem lies with any of the fans. please win tonight... i need it. haha.
  12. Charlemagne...

    do you guys like the new addition to my sharks board sig?
  13. OOT Scoreboard - Mon. 4/20. ECQF & WCQF - Round 1.

    i'm as sick of detroit as most people, but i want them to dismantle the ducks... and then the hawks... and then lose to new jersey in the scf. thanks for the sympathies, dudes.
  14. OOT Scoreboard - Mon. 4/20. ECQF & WCQF - Round 1.

    go wings. go hawks. go devs. night, dudes.