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  1. 2008 is the year of D-Men... I could expect a guy like Del Zotto (#14) or Yann Sauve (#21). As a forward, I would be pretty happy with Joe Colborne, who seems to be a sleeper. Small Jordan Eberle could be a pretty funny pick, similar to Gionta.
  2. Nice read... I feel about the same in France as most of the hockey fans are following French league and a little but the NHL, but far behind. I don't know a place to watch games in my town unfortunately, even if Tours is a pretty big hockey town. As for Crosby, I think in France you'll be lucky if you find 5 people knowing him. I'm pretty sure it would be less.
  3. I'm fine... just found a nice girlfried Hockey season starts... A lot of promising books waiting for a read... On the other side, I like my job. Really. But... I want a change, soon! So poor management here... Everybody here dislikes the chiefs, who are not very competent. Bad decisions one after another, not a cool management and just... letting the things go that way, without any change. When they are here of course (and it's less and less often). Tired of working for people who just don't show at work... but say you're not working enough
  4. Belizarius

    Rookie camp

    I said Tarkir would be there... in NJ, an AHL tryout at the end of the season often means a spot in training camp Sigouin seems to be the lone free agent coming from the junior ranks...
  5. +1 (though I didn't read this thread, I have a lot of things more interesting to do )
  6. London's new Knightlife This slick, darting forward was taught by a coach schooled in the Russian system. By MORRIS DALLA COSTA, SUN MEDIA After a short conversation with Tony Romano, you come away knowing he and the London Knights are going to be a good fit. Romano is one of general manager Mark Hunter's off-season free-agent finds. Romano was at Cornell University, a draft choice of the New Jersey Devils. To follow...
  7. I'm almost reading only Sci-fi and fantasy... Well, when you work as a publisher you don't want to read your work at home! Kay is awesome, I really like his books. I have to read a Waber one day...
  8. Nice a Zola reader and an history fan I'm reading The Year of Our War (Steph Swainston) after reading 2 Terry Pratchett (Thief of Time and Night Watch). I love the Disc World
  9. I didn't like this movie a lot... Maybe because I didn't watch it as a child, or because I don't like cars... anyway, I was bored by the movie. A lot of movements, too much speed, too much romance and too "classic" (bad-evil, save the nation and all). But I'm pretty sure a lot of people will like
  10. International bands : Arctic Monkeys Bloc Party White Stripes U2 Cranberries Eels Fratellis Nada Surf Arcade Fire Muse Gogol Bordello Stereophonics Sheryl Crow Alanis Morissette ... French bands : Aston Villa Dolly Ruda Salska La Rue Ketanou Merzhin As de Tr
  11. Salut compatriote! Bienvenue ici
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