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  1. If not a fan of Fire & Ice (I really hate it personally) just go over to Chris Ryan's blog at NJ.com (www.nj.com/devils). Hes got way better and more frequent content and none of the videos. I found the blog by accident and haven't been back on F&I since.
  2. Do i saw there was no broadcasts per tg but has anyone heard different here?
  3. Of anyone finds a stream for the game please post. I'm horrible at finding decent streams for these games. Thanks
  4. so when i hit that it just had the sound of pucks hitting the boards and no actual audio anyone having that issue
  5. star dew, where did you get the audio from?
  6. I think this may be a leverage move. Lou having the ability to tell Henrique that he isn't indispensable to the team because we can and will sign Brunner who can add the same things might be enough to force a $1M less onto his new deal and then we can sign Brunner anyway or actually make good on that threat to sign him if Henrique won't agree to terms (is he arbitration eligible? what happens if he doesn't sign?). All I can say is that picking this guy up would really be the cherry on top of one of Lou's best offseasons in a while (losing Kovi wasn't his fault and may work out better for us in the long term anyways so not holding that against him). We would have more forward depth than we know what to do with, a very nice looking group of defenseman that have young guys ready to go behind them if they don't perform and 2 of the best goalies in the league. I'm definitely drinking the Koolaid this summer In Lou We Trust!
  7. im in the middle of working on a project so I don't feel like looking to see which of his articles it was (I think its the one that says whats going with jagr from before he was signed but not sure), but TG said when he talked to Lou that he said he isn't done molding the team through both additions and subtractions. As much as we have all talked about moving Volchenkov or some of these spare forwards we have now as dreaming, it sounds like Lou is seriously pursuing those options in an attempt to get something done to open up some more roster spots and budget/cap dollars. I think before the season starts Brunner will end up being a Devils and Volchenkov and someone like josefson or one of the other 3rd fourth line guys get moved out with a prospect for picks and/or prospects and we all pour ourselves a nice big glass of Lou-aid !
  8. Not that he has proven anything yet but the devils taking a player that was barely on anyones board at 4th round has actually worked out pretty well recently with Henrique and Reid Boucher being unranked (or almost unranked) 4th round picks that are doing well just in the last couple years, so ill let this one play out and see if Lou pulled another one out of the hat. I really like all the college picks. If you have a player that needs a good bit of developing they can stay at college level for 4 years as devils property before the team has to decide whether to sign them or not so it gives some of these long shot and other less refined players some more time to develop the missing parts to their game without clogging up our farm system with players that a career minor league guys (we have plenty of those on the farm as is).
  9. the blurb they put next to him when we picked him said "best zero-goal-scoring skater" ... yeah that`s exactly what we need .
  10. brickwall30

    2013 NHL Draft

    seriously, they should have just done a sale through the devils and do a presale for all people on the devils mailing lists to get mostly devils fans in the building. If the building is embarrassingly empty its going to be really annoying.
  11. brickwall30

    2013 NHL Draft

    how in this discussion over good first round goalies was our's not mentioned? pretty sure the best goalie of all time counts as a quality first rounder. With that said, I agree I would be really disappointed with picking a goalie in the first round with how high of a pick we have despite the fact that I think Fucale is a REALLY good goalie. I just think that there are more pressing needs and more talented players that we should target instead, Plus we have Kinkaid who I watched a lot of at Union College and I think has a real chance to be something special here and it wouldn't require us using our second highest pick in 20 years when we have the draft at home. Has anyone heard about when tickets go on sale for the draft?
  12. brickwall30

    2013 NHL Draft

    BTW, has anyone heard anything about when tickets go on sale for the draft? should be awesome being able to watch the draft live when we have such a good pick
  13. brickwall30

    2013 NHL Draft

    They have both been incredible for their teams in juniors but I really think the world junior tournament and, maybe more importantly, the CHL Top Prospects game are a better indicator of how good these players are. You can definitely make the argument (as MANY did) that MacKinnon was overshadowed by a deep Canadian team and to an extent I agree but he was still as close to invisible as it gets out there. Jones, on the other hand, was absolutely dominant and the single biggest reason the US team won the gold. He was good in all three zones had incredible puck handling skills including along the boards and in open ice, had great vision on the breakout (when he wasn't taking the puck up himself) and was the driving force behind a very solid PP. Like I said though the top prospects game is probably a better indicator of their talents because they are playing against only the other draft eligible players, but in that game the results were the same. Even as the captain and number one player on the team MacKinnon was still overshadowed by Drouin and Domi among others while Seth Jones skated up down and though the other team showing off his offensive and defensive skills. Don't get me wrong I think they are both going to be incredible but Jones is just one of those other worldly talents that just shouldn't be passed up no matter what the needs are. I think Jones would have the type of effect on this team that Drew Doughty has had for LA where he is a catalyst for offense every time hes on the ice sometimes simply because of the attention that is payed to him. It's that same effect that Kovy has on our PP where even when he doesn't get a point, the fact that he draws players to him but can still make plays gives everyone else more chances. Long story short, if we somehow get lucky enough to win the lottery twice in three seasons, even with our glut at defense, I just don't think we can pass up the chance to get Seth Jones because, IMO, Jones and MacKinnon are NOT 1A and 1B they are 1 and 3 (I think Drouin is better than MacKinnon personally but it's really close).
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