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  1. From Austria! Just got a little less excited after seeing the first two periods of last nights game :-D
  2. I'm sharing your excitement, I'm another european Devils fan who gets to see the Devils live for the first time next week. And although it's only a pre season game I'm PUMPED! Hope you have a great experience in Montreal!
  3. Thanks for all your responses, really appreciate your help! Btw if anyone is thinking about the country with the kangaroos, that's NOT where I'm from. Just saying, that mix-up happens quite sometimes to me Thanks! Yeah I'm aware of that, but unfortunately it's the Devils' only game at home while I'm there. So I got to take what I get, but for a first live NHL game ever even a pre-season game is not too bad to begin with. Really excited for it! Thanks for the tips, I guess I'll feel more comfortable if I get the tickets before flying over, so I'll check out stub hub etc for
  4. Hey guys! First of all: Sorry if this is not the right place for this thread, if it isn't please feel free to move it to wherever it belongs. My name is David and I'm a huge Devils fan from Austria. I've been following the Devils since the 2008-09 season and watched a lot of games on streams (though they usually start at like 1 am here). I've been also reading on this board for quite a while now, really enjoy following all of the discussions. In September I'm finally gonna be in the U.S. for the first time as I'm visiting NYC with my girlfriend. That's of course the best opportunity to finally
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