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  1. Hey guys, I have 3 games I won't be able to attend. I live in Harrison, and would be willing to meet someone in the Path in Newark if it'll help. All seats are in the Tan section and $30 each. If you buy all 3 games, I will give you the price of one ticket off, in other words it will cost $210 vs $240. San Jose Sharks - Feb 15th, Section 210, row 7 , seats 19 and 20 Philadelphia Flyers - March 1st, Section 231, row 9, seats 5 and 6 Carolina Hurricanes - March 28th, Section 210, row 6 , seats 13 and 14 thanks, john GO DEVILS!
  2. I can't make it to the game this Friday night, have family business to attend to. Section 212 Row 7 Seats 18,19 Unfortunately, i can only accept cash, i live within a 5 minute ride from the Rock, I can meet you either in the train station or outside if need be. Tix were $38 but i'll take 35 each for them. You can PM me here if interested. thanks,
  3. What i usually do is save it, then upload it to Walgreens and print it out there and pick it up, comes out real nice.
  4. I live in the development directly across from there and we eat there every few weeks, food is good, although not walking distance, it is less than a 5 minute cab ride if you take the cab.
  5. Welcome to the site! I worked the Jersey City Irish Festival a few weeks ago, had a handful too many Guiness though. Trying to talk my wife into going our there someday but that conversation is going nowhere fast.
  6. 4stevenz4

    flex plans

    I just got off the phone with Isaac from the Devils and picked my games, opening night is out, also had to upgrade to the dark blue ($38) seats for the December 12th game with the Rags.
  7. 4stevenz4

    flex plans

    I sent an email to Isaac with the Devils a few days ago and i was told they are still waiting for management to give the go ahead to release them, getting worried about opening night myself.
  8. Kool-aid is the only thing to drink!
  9. welcome to the board, I lost interest in the NBA after i watched more than the last 2 minutes of a game.
  10. Since i'm getting a partial 8 game package and was told it's the Tan section, that's all i know right now, haven't picked the seats or games yet.
  11. 4stevenz4

    Devils Practice

    I was wondering if the practices were closed to the public, guess i have my answer. I work a few minutes from SMA, stopped over a few days ago to see if tix were on sale yet for the new EPHL club that's going to play there, the Jersey Rockhoppers.
  12. I've already put my deposit down on a 8 game plan, haven't heard back yet as to what games i have.
  13. 4stevenz4

    NHL 09

    I created multiple files, this way i could play one and just sim ahead on the other, but I've noticed the same organization has been winning both Stanley and Calder Cups, every single season, thought it was odd.
  14. Wondering how the CAC jerseys will fly off the shelves up there in Montreal?
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