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  1. deb4te

    HBO 24/7 pens/caps

    that's what she said. AMIRITE? LOL
  2. They should have stayed as the Albany River Rats here in Albany. I like the Albany Devils logo and I like that it's "Devil Themed", but the Rats had a huge following here and they would have been much better off financially and probably in terms of attendance as well. Sucks they couldn't just keep em around.
  3. I won too. Anyone have any idea where the seats would be?
  4. Yeah, there's no way a little kid made that.
  5. Tell me someone else saw the look Stephen Gionta gave to who I can only assume would be Brian Gionta as he skated by their bench after he went offsides.
  6. Obviously F=MA isn't going to solve the entire problem. The math would not be that complicated. All you'd have to do is figure out how much force a puck at a certain speed would generate, and then how much force is required to move a 40 pound net. I was just saying that to prove a point. Yeah, there's air resistance and friction and it would depend on where the puck hit, but it's all negligible. I don't really want to entertain an argument in favor of the pyramid trick being real, so I'll just ask, if it was fake, why wouldn't they just edit it so he knocks every puck off one-by-one? Wouldn't that be cooler than him just missing and then knocking the whole thing over with a slapshot?
  7. I wish the Devils could do some sort of extra credit for more points. Haha
  8. Dude, Crosby DOES have borderline super powers. He is LITERALLY the best hockey player in the world. Until I watch the vids in slow motion(i won't), I don't buy that "the net is moving before the puck hits it". The net moves upward because the puck travels along an upward trajectory maybe? It starts on the ground, and moves vertically upward. That's simple to understand. F=MA. A puck weighs about 6 ounces. A net weighs up to 40 pounds. I'll let you do the math.
  9. Well you got me there. But do you really think it's impossible for a Sidney Crosby slapshot to move the net "several feet"? Do you also think it's uncommon for him to be filmed while playing hockey(or doing hockey related things)?
  10. i'm seriously mindblown that anyone could think the vids are fake... edited, maybe. but anyone who has ever played hockey and seen a slapshot would know that it's perfectly possible for THE BEST HOCKEY PLAYER IN THE WORLD to take a slapshot that would move the net like that.
  11. Haha. The net is not lodged in to begin with. Did you even watch the video?
  12. None of these vids are fake haha. you guys are something else.
  13. Henrik Tallinder is the worst player on the team. Second is Ilya Kovalchuk.
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