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  1. LOL you decide to show up and post that NOW? Where were you when this garbage was started in YOUR territory by your little troll? Biased MF
  2. YOU GUYS? Don't generalize, you are talking with me, singularly, not the site of DR.com so unless you can produce a time when I shared your claimed sentiment that's an inaccurate statement. LOL and you are talking about what's REALLY INTELLIGENT? Looks like you just made the same error you claim Hurricane did. LOL actually it is rather unintelligent to back up a guy who's butt-hurt because he has skin as thin as his mother's crotch hair who STARTED this in the first place, all because you obviously have issue with a DR. Sure we have our brand and so does this place, what's the point. We might be rough on people, however you guys have the Gestapo here so those who don't like it here might go there, those who don't like it there might come here. I'm not saying Hurricane didn't add to it, but still, if Quinn wasn't a bitch, this wouldn't have happened.
  3. Dude don't put yourself up on a pedestal and act the bigger man. You added just as much to the sh!t-storm as anyone else. It takes two to argue. Going forward, learn to take a joke. You totally jumped on me when I didn't even insult you then come over here and start trashing Dr.com. No one over there was saying anything about this site at all until you got sand in your V agina. unknown poster,if you are going to scold Hurricane, scold Quinn01 who was the reason Hurricane said anything negative in the first place. Secondly, Quinn01 did the same thing you are scolding Hurricane for however you seem to be tolerant of that. SOOOOOOO what's your point.
  4. LOL what a classic SP episode. Al Gore's Manbearpig.
  5. It's better than listening to the Dennis Miller experiment. 75 percent of the NFL's fanbase isn't intelligent enough to grasp his dry wit anyway. Yes, I know...90 percent of all stats are made up on the spot, blah blah LOL
  6. Walking through one of these things ONCE is around the equivolent of several years of background radiation. So the experts say. On the other hand, I wonder how many people bitching about this are more apt to get cancer from smoking/drinking/cleaning solvents/detergents/fuels/exhaust and just about any other form of pollutant one comes in contact with high regularity.
  7. Quinn01, while you are entitled to your opinion, it truly shows your character by playing two sites against the middle. You are a peddling nitwit who can't take a joke. You should feel OH SO COOL by stirring the pot.

    1. Quinn01


      This is me not giving a sh!t. Go back over to DR.com.

  8. anyone still looking to join a league? this league still has plenty of spots id=42310 pw= dieungar
  9. everyone knows Marty came out of the womb as the #1 goalie of all time. while they drew up his birth certificate they drew up his induction papers for the hockey HOF. no matter if this story was five years old or not, the fact remains the author is definately on meth, spends too much pleasure himself with his egotistical sock puppets who most likely make all his decisions for him. what a quack. after this season there won't even be an argument for those who just plain hate marty. most wins, most shutouts (i hope) most saves, is it even a contest? besides, patrick roy is a head case who insites riots at youth games, and hasek whines more than a than the french when the germans invade!
  10. Thank ya, Thank ya very much! Kool-Aid, how can i turn that down, or as they call it in the hood, Red Drink!
  11. Hey Rickus, anyway i can get you to make a kick ass brylin sig?? with an embedded video?
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