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  1. If you are in any city in Florida not named Miami or Tampa, yeah, you would pray for Newark. Congrats to the 14,000 or so Floridians who attended their first hockey game this evening.
  2. 5 days left. If that was today then I would be alarmed.
  3. The fans can fill this building when it counts, hopefully the first game of the playoffs counts for enough people.
  4. Or Newark can just do what they did in Cypress Creek.
  5. I have seen maybe 2 police officers so far this season. That and the A-Team Swat van.
  6. I would not be shocked to see a few Cats fans here and there. NJ and Florida can be interchangeable at times. NJ transplants in Florida and Florida ties in NJ. I expect a ton of Devils fans to be at the Bank Atlantic Center, one of the many away venues Devils fans show up in droves to.
  7. I am not trying to be pompous so I apologize for that. I am serious though, I have a feeling the discounts are coming. I hope you are correct about the excitement and the eagerness waiting for our first home game but the Devils have done this for playoff games before, against a more marquee opponent. I may sound pompous with the claim that if one playoff ticket to a round 1 game is the difference between paying bills on time, problems are larger than just ticket expenses. I hope we can recreate that Game 2 crowd from 2010, we looked like Calgary that evening.
  8. I am as broke as anyone, have rent and bills to pay, still making it my business to be at Game 3. The Devils will release discounts or flood SH with cheap tickets (Game 1 2010/St Pats 2010) to ensure the sellout, so if you are on the fence, wait a few days. If you want to be in the building you will be able to without breaking the bank. It seems the overall theme of our fans when it comes to the first round is "broke, lol" or "I'm waiting until the cup finals." Get your ass to Newark. If our fans sell out a meaningless fan appreciation game yet fail to sell out Game 3, we deserve the reputation that many of us call unfair.
  9. Booker is just going through the motions of any failed government leader, placing blame where it doesnt belong. You lost Cory. What happened to the 100 million from Zuckerberg? I liked this man up until this.
  10. Its amazing all the ignorance that comes out after a bad loss. "Brodeur retire?" "Fire Sutter?" News Flash. Clemmensen will never hold 1/100th of Marty's jock, and Brent Sutter is an excellent coach. God damn selfish morons.
  11. Yeah basketball is pretty awful. I thought they were interviewing two kids from NYU or something in Rangers jerseys.
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