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  1. I find this whole thread extremely hilarious... maybe because I personally know the vuvuzela guy. I should probably let him know about this post just for the laughs.
  2. can we use a challenge for that ? unreal call
  3. How the hell is it possible for me to live in North NJ and have the game blacked out? Are you kidding me MSG?
  4. JakeDev

    NHL Survey

    If we had any doubt that our team was in a rebuild check out this survey that NHL.com had ... it's so sad to even consider that they would post something like this FAN POLL: 30 IN 30: NEW JERSEY Will the Devils have a 30-goal scorer this season? Yes No
  5. Saw this on News 12 NJ earlier today and wanted to read up on it further thought there would be a thread on this already but http://devils.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=770958&navid=DL|NJD|home Newark, NJ – The New Jersey Devils today signed free agent defenseman Vojtech Mozik to an entry-level contract. The announcement was made by Devils’ General Manager Ray Shero. Mozik, 22, spent the previous three seasons with Plzen (Czech Republic) and was a member of its 2012-13 league championship squad. Last season, he led all defensemen in the Czech Extraliga with a career-high ten goals. Mozik also established career highs with 19 assists, 29 points and 94 penalty minutes in 2014-15. The 6-2, 195-lb. blueliner has career totals of 20g-29a-49pts and 186 PIM in 157 Extraliga games with Plzen and Mlada Boleslav. Born December 26, 1992 in Praha, Czech Republic, Mozik recorded 1g-2a-3pts and eight PIM in six games while representing his country at the 2012 World Junior Championships in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta. http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=99009 SEASON TEAM LEAGUE GP G A TP PIM +/- EASON TEAM LEAGUE GP G A TP PIM +/- 2014-15 HC Plzen Czech 51 10 19 29 94 2
  6. Call me crazy but I love this roster Opening Night Roster: Cammalleri-Zajac-Kovalchuk Parise-Henrique-Havlat Clowe-Elias-Zubrus Tootoo-Josefson-Gionta Greene-Fayne Gelinas-Larsson Salvador-Severson Merrill Bernier Brodeur
  7. Everyone talking about this whole NJ Devils Marketing thing and having the Rangers taking over I think needs to look at the bigger picture. New Jersey in general gets overflooded by NY posting and not just hockey. If you fly into or out of Newark Airport its label NY/NJ NWK Airport.... in what way is Newark Airport in NY? When the Super Bowl was held at the Medowlands they labeled it Super Bowl XYZ NY/NJ but the stadium is in NJ not NY. Hell the Statue Of Liberty is technically in NJ but is the icon of NYC. NJ as a whole needs to grow some balls with marketing
  8. Don't think anything can really come of it.... If you think about it, you buy devils season tickets. That means you agree to their rules. So therefore you really can't try to sue when you've clearly agreed to only use TicketExchange when you bought your tickets... eh but what do I know.. this is America and you could sue for anything also I was a comp sci major not law
  9. I went to school with Hammond when he played there and I'm good friends with his wife, so that counts for something right?
  10. JakeDev

    Zidlicky to Det

    Some of you guys are ridiculous.... we moved an older guy to obtain a younger asset eventually. You can't come out with a complete steal in every trade. It's better than nothing so just accept it and stop crying
  11. LMAO anyone here Ryder scream FVCK after he missed that deflection?
  12. So Kane on IR ... possible move for Jagr to Chicago?
  13. Hey guys I had a quick question, I'm going to be attending tomorrows game, but I'll be coming straight from NYC because I work there. I usually have my bag with my laptop and papers in it. Am I allowed to enter the stadium with this or will there be an issue? Has anyone done this before... I can't be the only one that's caught a game straight from work. Thanks (sorry if this is the wrong forum but I figured most ppl would look here first)
  14. As a huge Liverpool fan, I lol'd @ this
  15. how much are season tickets and where is the best possible place to read up info on it .... devils website?
  16. If Todd Bertuzzi can still play hockey, then I believe anyone else has the right to play unless they murder someone.
  17. Realistically I don't believe that we'll end up in the bottom 2 position BUT do you think that say a team like Edmonton ended up there ... they would be willing to trade the first pick to us if we offered Severson and our 1st ... say we finished 5th or 6th.
  19. I think you guys might of misunderstood what happen I don't think the first practice is over and Lou said he was going to speak after the first practice
  20. @Ledger_NJDevils 1m Lou Lamoriello will speak to the media this morning @TGfireandice 22s Lou Lamoriello will speak to media after first practice session today. Haven't been told why yet. @TGfireandice 39s Lamoriello said Monday he expected to have news on restricted free agents later in the week. What if he retires WHAT IF WE SIGNED SOMEONE
  21. It seems like you're attacking him when all he's doing is posting a guys tweets that he followed up saying that he's not sure if this is a credible source
  22. JakeDev

    Met Dan Bylsma

    Hey everyone, So today was apparently Bowling Green, Ohio's alumni day or something of that sort and Dan Bylsma was in town. I saw and met him at a couple of the locale town bars. When I first heard that he was in town I went up to him and introduced myself. He was acutally the nicest and funniest guy that I've ever met for a professional coach, he made jokes and acted like he was a normal guy. I told him that I was a New Jersey Devils fan and he asked me about the whole Kovalchuk situation, and I said it is what it is but we have to move on.I then proceeded to ask him what he thought about Russian players and drafting them first. He literally paused because he didn't understand and I clarify that I understand that his team would not draft first anytime soon because of Sid and Malkin and how successful their team has been of lately, but after he said that he doubts that the organization would ever draft a Russian in the first round. I would've got a picture but the moment I felt was too amazing and surreal to ruin it with a "Hey by any chance can I get a photo with you. Apparently there was another professional hockey player in BG that I was unaware of but I'm a little intoxicated at the moment to remember his name, yet I am proud of myself for typing this whole paragraph. Forgot to add a friend of mine whose a Boston fan that worked at the bar also spoke with him and then talked a little sh!t about the whole Pens/Boston series then goes on to take about Iginla and asked why Iginla didn't perform that well and Bylsma responds saying it was the coaching lol
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