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  1. Need this one. 3am alarm set forme to watch this one.
  2. Watch out for Tarasenko.. that boy is on.... Wait I've been here before I think
  3. Watch out for Tarasenko. That boy is on fire!
  4. Definitely want a win in regulation. Just as importantly for them to play with a bit of passion and verve. Far too passive against the Jets
  5. Hope Kane's return doesn't turn out to impact too much on the game. Get it done any way you can Devils.
  6. So pumped for this one. I'm rocking my NJ devils jersey at home tonight in the UK. Alarm set for midnight!
  7. Wish I could be over in NJ for the home opener. Will be watching from the UK
  8. I'm predicting a tough game but the Devils to keep rolling. Let's go Devils
  9. TBL won't score lots of goals two nights in a row!!! Will they?!!! Let's go Devils
  10. Thank the devil that the devils are back. UK support coming from my way. Let's go Devils
  11. I wouldn't be booing Zach. He was great when he was with us and I respected his decision to move home.
  12. Well, has there been a bigger game this season? No. The infamous 'must win' term has to come into it. The last team I want to be facing in such a game is the Bruins on a 9 game streak. Hey it has to end sometime. The last GDT I did from the UK, we won. I fancy this one tonight. It's my wife's 30th Birthday today and I'm feeling lucky. Let's go Devils
  13. Hello. I was wondering if anybody was starting a Yahoo MLB fantasy league?
  14. All away over in the UK it is 18:41 and I cannot believe a GDT hadn't been done yet when it's the first game back after Sochi. My excitement is going through the roof and I am prepared for a late night. Detroit made it a 5 point gap for that last wildcard spot so it's now 5 points in divisional and WC race. I'd say a win is much needed. BJ's seem to have our number this year. Let's change that. Go Devils Go
  15. Yea crappy way to start a GDT. Go Devils
  16. This should be done on game day. We don't want any jinxes
  17. Will be watching this in the UK. Think it's our time to take down Boston
  18. Will be staying up until midnight to watch this one. If we aren't up for this game and give it our all then there is something seriously wrong. Let's get the ball rolling tonight. LETS GO DEVILS
  19. I feel a blowout too!!! But think we shut them out. You heard it here first!
  20. You did. May be the time lag of me being across the Atlantic lol
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