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  1. Well, has there been a bigger game this season? No. The infamous 'must win' term has to come into it.

    The last team I want to be facing in such a game is the Bruins on a 9 game streak. Hey it has to end sometime.

    The last GDT I did from the UK, we won. I fancy this one tonight.

    It's my wife's 30th Birthday today and I'm feeling lucky.

    Let's go Devils

  2. All away over in the UK it is 18:41 and I cannot believe a GDT hadn't been done yet when it's the first game back after Sochi.

    My excitement is going through the roof and I am prepared for a late night.

    Detroit made it a 5 point gap for that last wildcard spot so it's now 5 points in divisional and WC race.

    I'd say a win is much needed. BJ's seem to have our number this year. Let's change that.

    Go Devils Go

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