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  1. Well done Devs Great result tonight - Defense solid and the Offense 'Clicking' Lets keep rolling
  2. Yay Lets go Devs. Great win, great win and got some offense going. I downloaded the roster on NHL 09 and Vrana scored in the first game i played. It was fate. Keep rolling guys, its clicking
  3. Exactly. I'd be more worried if we were at the bottom of the shots total and still had 6 goals. We'll start to convert these chances. Better to be shooting than not
  4. Good luck Vrana!! I can see you getting a goal When do you guys believe that Brodeur will get his first rest? Philly at home?
  5. Yes indeed lets go Devils. I think weve had a good start to the season despite the loss to the rags the other night, 2-1-0 is not too shabby. We could be Anaheim lol. If we bang a few goals in tonight that would be kool. I would like to see Rolston's name on the score sheet along with Parise as always
  6. nick17112


    Come on guys lets not be too critical after just three games. Lets give them a chance. Against Pittsburgh we had 40 plus shots and on another night if we had a bit more luck we may have scored 5 or 6. We have to give them time to gel. Thats my opinion anyway
  7. A real shame. Thoughts with his family and friends.
  8. YAY 3-1 would be fab - Lets keep rolling Devs
  9. Yes I truly believe he may well crack 40 goals this season. The young lad is a top quality hard skater and has a real eye for goal. That shot in off the pipe lastnight was sweet, although the pass by Zajac was immense. Exciting players
  10. Ah good to see a few posters with links to the UK The awareness of the NHL in this country is pretty poor, with Sky Sports not providing any coverage of the NHL, it is really for the minoroty who are willing to subscribe to extra channels. Well worth it though. The NHL coming over to Europe has been good for the awareness, but I realise it is not ideal for the teams who come over with long distances to travel. The Rags seem to be dealing with it though Damn. Roll on Monday - lets make them 4-1-0
  11. i bet he is. 3:13am local time here in the UK. Get in there. I'll have to watch the highlights for the game but seems like we deserved it. God i nearly lost faith in the third but we came through. keep rolling
  12. Indeed, go guys. Lets start the Season road campaign off in style. Get the PP and PK firing and lets finish the weekend off with two great results
  13. Does anyone have a link to a good view of the save marty made right at the end of the third period lastnight? the view on nhl.com highlights does not show it off
  14. Hey nice to hear from you. I live only 20 minutes away from Rhyl.
  15. Hello, I am a devils fan from North Wales. Was interested to see how many people ( ive heard there are a few) who post on the forums. I know I cant be the only one. How long have you been devils fans? me personally only for 3 seasons but I have actually been to a Devils NHL game. In Ottawa and we won - yea baby Marty was first star. Anyway wherever you are from, the US, Europe or wherever, we all have one thing in common. Love for Jersey's team. Woooo
  16. Im now checking on CBC, theyve got updated scores, i thought it was still end 1st, longest ever lol. NHL.com has let me down. WOOO 2-1. Wish i lived Jersey
  17. What minute in 2nd period did elias score? NHL.com still says 1st intermission. Jesus, lol
  18. Is it 2-1 Devs, It hasnt updated on NHL.com, still says end 1st
  19. Parise is going to be 40+ this season - next big thing, and I mean big thing. Our PP is going to edge us closer to the stanley this season.
  20. Arrggghhh the anticipation is killing me, and im a UK'er who has to keep on tapping F5 on NHL.com scores. Cant get into the audio.
  21. Hehe yes true. Its good to hear there are some fellow brits, let me know if your out there we all have one thing in common, we may be across the atlantic but we all love Jersey's team
  22. I have plenty of them my friend. I am in love with the Devs. Have only been a fan now for 3 seasons but I have manged to get to a game, in Ottawa February this year - We won 3-2. One of my best nights. It aint easy being a fan in the UK as the coverage is not extensive, but I subscribe to NASN so I get 5-7 live games a week on TV which is good fun and try to get many friends involved.
  23. Lets go Devs!!! A quick start to the season would be nice. I am so excited about our chance this season but I have butterflies in my stomach before this first game. I am from the UK by the way. Games start at midnight for me here. LOVE IT
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