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  1. The attitude of some of the 'fans' on this page is really disappointing. We are here to support the team guys come on. One goal and we start criticising so much. Its so stupid. The team is new and working things out with each other. Were only in game 3 of a long season.
  2. FFS you guys suck, call yourself supporters. Its really sad
  3. Lets go Devils Go Kovy - Love you
  4. Lets go Devils Go Parise - Love you
  5. Lucky its not the Zach, Ilya, Travis line - The ZIT line Lets go Devils Go Parise - Love you
  6. Lets go Devils Go Parise - Love you
  7. Im so happy somebody remembered Go Parise - Love you
  8. Hey guys, I know this is not posted in the exact right place but I didnt have much luck in off-topic. I live in the UK and am a huge devils fan. Obviously getting numbers together for a league over here is very difficult. Im looking to join a points fantasy league that any of you have created or are in and wouldnt mind me joining. Sorry if I offend anyone by posting in here, just wanted a quick reply and thought I may have more luck in here. Thanks LGD
  9. Lets go Devils Go Parise - Love you
  10. I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!! Its going to be so tough but one game at a time it can be done. LETS GO DEVILS
  11. I like what he said. A lot. They know its must win and I like that they know this. Very rarely does someone come out and say it and take responsibility before a big game. Come on Devils, we can do this
  12. Me too man. Some of the posters on this board im sorry are complete fair weather supporters and should be disappointed in themselves. Look at pages 4-7 -its basically just people slagging off the team for going down a goal - this isnt normal and isnt support WTF. Supoport the team or dont bother. You look like fools now that you are saying the team is good again. Look at yourselves. There are only a select few but i mean come on. You can tell the quality of the support, most live in Jersey and their not even at the game, armchair supporters. I live in the UK and ive been to a few devils games. Travelled to canada to see them and all some people do is slag them. Its sh!tty
  13. Well it has Philly you idiot hey. You are such a good supporter. Saddo
  14. People are pretty fvcking sad for getting this down on the team already. Jesus its Game 1 and not even through 2 periods yet. We dont need your support if you going to write them off this early. They have played an Ok game and are unlucky to be 2-0 down, Lets go devils.
  15. Lets go Devils Go Parise, Kovalchuck - Love you Time for another cup
  16. Lets go Devils Go Kovalchuk - Love you
  17. Lets go Devils Go Kovalchuk - Love you
  18. Go away then we dont need your support. Just support the wins, its a lot easier for you.
  19. Oh get a life will you. Thats the way it goes sometimes in hockey. How many times have we scored in the last seconds, or has another team been scored on in the last seconds, do you really think their team supporters beats up on their team like some of you lot do. Support the team or fvck off. they are doing their best and do you think they want to lose like this. Dick
  20. Lets go Devils Go Parise - Love you
  21. If we didnt re-sign Kovy what kind of dream deal would you be hoping for in return guys? being realistic too
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