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  1. Agreed. Havelid was a bust. I think you mean't to say the offense "can't" generate anything. Scoring fell off since Marty's return and he nor any goalie can carry a team. The rest of the team needs to play like they came to. Bad thing is I live in Raleigh now and I'm gonna have to hear a bunch of sh!t at work tomorrow. I hope Boston rips them a new one. The Hurricanes are the new Rangers. They still suck...
  2. dickdastardly


    Oh yes. I believe. Never give up!
  3. Drawing a penalty really means that the offensive player is going to beat you like a rented goalie and the only way to stop it is to commit a penalty. Think of it like basketball. Diving is a penalty. I haven't seen it called in a long time, but have.
  4. I agree with addition of Zubrus. It's also a new system and he doesn't have to match up the checking line againt opponent's scoring line. It's opened up alot more opportunities.
  5. Yeah, that's pretty bad too. Datsyuk has been the best in the west this year imo. Don't know if he got hurt or just said screw it.
  6. With the wind tunnel tested hairdo ta boot!
  7. I actually posted and added they need taped up glasses to Ask the Maven. Couldn't find a link to ask Doc or Chico. Got snow down here in Raleigh on Tuesday. Stayed home and watched Slapshot 3. Should've put in the original instead. Fav quote: I'm tryin to listen to the f'n song!
  8. What do you think? Should the line of Holik, Rupp & Shanahan be called the Hanson line? The Hanson Brothers wore numbers 16, 17 & 18 for the Chiefs in Slapshot. Holik - 16, Rupp - 17 & Shanahan - 18.
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